Quick Mermaid Tail Blanket plus FREE Pattern

I made a quick Mermaid Tail Blanket from a great FREE pattern from Maid from Mermaids.  The pattern pieces are here. (Please note you will need to cash out like you are buying it to download the piece). I had planned on making them for Christmas but I got way behind making the minecraft quilt.

Since it is so cold here (finally) this morning, it was only -27 degrees and just as cold tonight. I also had gotten that piece of fleece in the remnant bin at Joann’s so it was only $2.50 for almost a yard. I do think you need a yard and half¬† to 2 yards to make the whole think but I like the 2 colors. I did have to watch the video on how to put the tail on because the written instructions were not making sense to me (but now I get it). I did do the closed tail with the detail on it. Here is my blog post on how to make the doll size tale, which is the same as making a big one.

Link below to my Pineterst board with patterns and tales that are for sale


Super Quick Mermaid Tale Blanket

I also have a BRAND new Facebook page to sell my Mermiad tale Blankets called The Cozy Mermaid Tale. Prices vary from $15 to $55 depending on the size and fleece. Keep in mind these tales a made from a better quality fleece then other in the big box store and they are also made to be bigger to get longer use. My daughter still has the one on the photo after 2 years now.


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