Week #2 of Summer Work

So we are into the second week of the kids summer vacation and I feel very unproductive. I have been able to check a few things off my list but I feel like I should have gotten most of it done by now. I have finished a dress, shorts, skirt (reversible), and a crop top (I will make a blog post on how to make this top from a dress pattern), I guess that is not to bad so far (for 4 days of sewing), LOL. I do have a lot more on my list but I might have to move on to my fall list (I still need to make the list, LOL) sooner than I wanted to just to make sure she has school clothes. What are you making for school this year???

There are some Affiliate link in this post, which means I get a percentage of all sale.


The reversible skirt is called a Potato Chips skirt by Tie Dye Diva, I bought it a while but I wish I sewed it soon, its super cute. The dress is Ginger by Violette Field Threads (my favorite pattern maker). The shorts and the top (modified to a crop top) are also VFT.

I am also joining a craft fair in Aug. (less than 30 days away) so I need to make a couple things specific to that area. I was thinking about Mermaid Tale Blankets and mommy and me apron sets, for this upper scale town. Maybe a few more small items that are under $10 to get the smaller sales from the kids.

I am super excited to join a VTF sew-a-long next week, I just bought the pattern and can’t wait to make the dress (called June). I will blog about it starting Monday I believe. I know many of you think sew-a-longs are hard but they are super easy and go at a slow pace. It’s also so much fun watching every one Else’s fabric chooses and final product.

As for the kids, on Monday Neno fell and need 9 stitched on his face which sucks for the summer because he can’t get them too wet. Thank goodness for the small break of summer school this month for Neno. But other than that life a normal with a million drs and therapy appts, life a special needs mom. One thing I hate about summer is trying to keep the house clean with kids every where, I have been trying to get them to help but you all know how it is.



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