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Analina rag dolls update

I decided that since I have an urge to blog more about personal stuff I would make a new blog. So if you want more information about me and my journey go to This Mom's Philosophy. Click through to follow I will get back to sewing and crafting stuff in this blog. Thanks for being… Continue reading Analina rag dolls update


Hot Button Topic – Remote Learning

There maybe affiliate links in this blog post, which means I may earn a few cent if you make a purchase. Have you ever had an opinion on something that is not popular?? Or that you know people will get mad/rude at you. I have an opinion right now but I know that many parents… Continue reading Hot Button Topic – Remote Learning

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I have lost my Sewing Mojo!

There maybe an affiliate link in this post, which means I may make a few cents if you buy something. This is at no cost to you! Have you lost your Crafting Mojo? Well I have and really looking for a way to get it back. I normally have these bouts of anxiety that make… Continue reading I have lost my Sewing Mojo!