18 Inch doll Mermaid Tale blankets with FREE Pattern

I have been whipping up 18 inch doll mermaid tale blankets for a pattern I modified, I thought I would share it with you (my first pattern) and how to make them. This pattern is pretty easy and can be done with scraps. The hardest part is the tale designs that are sewn on.

18  inch doll mermaid tale blanket with free pattern

I made a Google Doc to download and print, I had all the piece prefect printing from my computer so let me know if it is not right. 18 Inch doll Mermaid tale pattern. If you have a problem email me @ aliciabc@msn.com so I can help you, please allow 24 hours to respond.

Instructions are:

First sew the top cuff right sides together with your needle as far over as possible.


Sew along the sides (7 inch side).


Next turn it right side out and fold in half and pin, make sure to line up the seams on both sides. I lay my seams flat with each side out (if that makes sense).


Right side together sew around the tale leaving the top open.


Next turn is right side out and pin around the edge, make sure to pull all the curves out.


Then sew along the 2 sides first and then sew all the other details like in the photo. I also back stitch the ends just so the stitching will stay in place longer.


More detailed photo, also it doesn’t have to be prefect (every tale is different anyways).


Sew the main pieces right sides together down the sides.


Sewing the top cuff on the top of the main piece, line up the seam (like in the photo). Then sew around the top.


It will look like this turn right side out.


Now to attach the tale to the main piece, turn it back to wrong side out and slide the tale inside. Match up the sides nicely and pin the middle, like in the photo.


I sew it twice just to make sure it won’t rip or fall off.


Then you are done, turn out and enjoy.


I have some already made mermaid tales on Etsy both this size and child size.

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