My 25 days of Christmas to do list!

It is that time of the year, when all us parents, sewers, crafters, grandparents, and DIYers start freaking out. With only 25 days left to get my whole list do, I am stressing about it. I know I do the same thing every year and wait until the last minute to get things done, who else does this?

25 days of christmas to do list

To do list:

1. 10 pair of pants for Neno – done

2. 3 sweaters for Neno – done (made about 7)

3. 5 sweaters for Nana – done

4. 1 Mermaid tale for Neno – done

5. 1 Mermaid for Nana’s 18 inch doll – done (made 2 because is will have 2 dolls)

6. Matching Pjs for Neno and Nana – done

7. 3 Christmas Eve boxes – done (all but cookies)

8. Cookies for Santa

9. 3 outfits for Nana’s 18 inch doll – done

10. 2 plaid tops for Nana – done (only 1)

11. 2 pillow cases for Nana’s new bed set – done

12. 2-3 minecraft pillows for Neno

13. 4 sets of hats, mittens, and scarfs for both the kids

14. 1 infinitely scarf – done

15. finish decorating the tree – done

16. pick a giveaway winner for my tree contest on FB – done

17. Neno’s birthday cookie party – done

18. ginger bread houses with the kids – happens on Christmas eve

19. Family Christmas party – done

20. wrap the rest of the presents – done

21. Stuff the stockings – done

22. make a candy game for Isaiah (plastic wrap with candy in it) – done (took over hour)

23. finish shopping – done

24. make myself a holiday sweater

25. 1-2 bathing suits for Nana

So that is my list!! Do you think I will get it all done?

What is on your list? big or small share it with us.


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