New Goals for 2018 to help Continue Growing of My Brand(s)

New Goals for 2018 to help continue growing my brands

As you all may remember I really don’t like setting New Years Resolutions, I feel like they are meant to fail or give up on. So I have been setting yearly goal for the past couple years, here is last years goals. I didn’t blog about the years before but the over all goal was growth both personal and professional. Looking back on my last year goals, some where to high and more like dreams, and others were to low with no effort needed. I want these goals to be more focused and to promote growth not just skating by with no real effort. These several goals helpfully will help me stay focused an move in the right direct for my brands.

Here is my Goals list for this year:

#1 Blog More consistently, I am so bad at this with all I do. I really need to find a better way to organize my thoughts and ideas. I have so much I want to do but not enough time to do it all. Finding the Balance is KEY and staying on task without getting side tracked on other ideas or ventures.

#2 I want to only focus on making what I am great at and move away from having too many different items in my shop. This is one reason I want to clean out my closet this month and next.

#3 Open my Stuffed Animal Line for Analina Rag Dolls, I have some but I want more animals. I have a collection of patterns I just need to make them and dress them.

#4 Do 4 Craft Fairs this year, I did 2 last year and 2 the year before so I thought I would double that number. I have one scheduled already and one or two I love to return too.

#5 Get back to 8,000 fans on my Facebook page after deleting 5,000 of my inactive fans last year (yes I really did that, took days). I want real fans that comment and enjoy my post, so I have started over a bit. I have been studying niches and how to get more than just customers on my page.

#6 Get to 1 Million Views on my blog by the end of the year, I was over my goal last year so I set it a lot higher this year. This goal is about 350,000 views this year which is about double I wanted the year before. I set it that high to help motivate me to blog more.

#7 Promote my new Business (the cozy mermaid tale) to drive more product specific customers to it. Not really new but separated from Analina Rag Dolls for easier promoting. I found that I couldn’t find the right customers under the Analina Rag Dolls name. I have had great response on my Facebook page already, so I am happy.

#8 Double my Instagram Followers from just under 400 to 800 by the end of the year. I have been learning new tips on how to grow better, they are working so far.

#9 Get to 6,000 Followers (that is double) on Pinterest, I was only 14 short of my goal last year but Pinterest was really blocking my reaches like Facebook. So I am going to learn some new ways to promote and traffic traffic to there. Just hit 3,000 Fans Today (1/6)

#10 This is the big one, not buy any more fabric until I have used 1/4 of what I have. I have way too much right now that I need to use up. 50% of my stash is fleece right now so Selling a Tale a week would be great to help that. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem, fabric is an investment right!?!?!?

#11 I want to continue my low waste business goals and maybe find some new ways to promote that.

#12 I also wanted to move away from Blogging about blogging and only focus on crafts and sewing projects. I love learning and sharing but it is not helping my brand or my blog.

Share your goals with us below.



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