Quilting Blocks for every Week for a Year

Quilting Blocks for Every Week of a Year

So Folks I had a great idea, I am sure I am not the first but I can’t wait to do it. I want a quilt that I can grow old with and that tell me a story from the 1st of the new year to the last. I haven’t designed it yet but I want to start with the theme of each Block. I have been seeing so many great quilting blocks or squares and I really don’t want to have to pick just one.

I wanted a Block for each week of the year but someone said that may be too much, so I may have to cut that to every 2 weeks or 2 a month. She also said to make it double sided, which I like because you can change it. I wanted it to be a mix of my favorite things of every season and all my favorite people and places. I wanted to work on through out the year to give my self a lot of time to make each block great. The last quilt I made was 2 years ago and took me months but I guess that is what makes them so special. That was my first bigger quilt ever, I made the kids baby quilts which are much easier because of there size. This quilt I am planning will be big, I have a queen bed with a huge pillow top (deep pockets at 16 inches). So it will be between the Queen and a King size.

I love this chart to help see the size clearly From Suzy Quilts, click through to pin it for later.



With at said, I will be collecting all the pretty blocks I see for the next year and making one a week or all 4 for the month. I know I will probably forget each week knowing me!

Okay I decided on 48 Blocks with 24 on each side, no size for each one decided yet. I am struggling to think about the rest of the empty dates. I will have to see something I really like and add it to my list.

Jan #1 – New Years Theme

#2 – Nana’s Birthday

#3 – Cold or Winter

#4 – Cardinal

Feb #5 – Bee Block

#6 – Heart

#7 – Snow

#8 – Hashtag

March #9 –

#10 – Sewing for my mom

#11 – Green burst

#12 –

April #13 – Easter

#14 – Puzzle pieces

#15 – Spring

#16 – Rain

May #17 – Pinwheel

#18 – Isaiah

#19 – Flower

#20 –

June #21 – Sun

#22 –

#23 – Star Burst

#24 – Pineapple

July #25 – Flag

#26 – Butterflies

#27 – Harry Potter

#28 – Birthday

Aug #29 – Cat

#30 – Rainbow

#31 – Beach

#32 – Bunting

Sept #33 –

#34 – School

#35 – Crazy Block

#36 – Owl

Oct #37 – Fall

#38 – Apple

#39 –

#40 – Halloween

Nov #41 – Love

#42 – Coffee (not Christmas colors)

#43 –

#44 – Thankful

Dec #45 – Tree

#46 – Neno (penguins)

#47 – Snowman or lights

#48 – Christmas

I have a Pinterest Board collecting all the pretties.

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