15 Valentine’s Day crafts to do with the Kids

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15 Valentine's Day crafts to make with the Kids

I thought I would share 15 more Valentine’s day crafts to do with the kids. Here is my list from last year. I have seen so many more cool ideas this year than I did last year. My daughter loves love and hearts so I was planning on making some stuff with her on the weekends. We are in the need of more mommy-daughter time too, so it’s a win win and she loves crafting stuff to boot.

1. Felt Hearts on tree branch in a vase like on Money Hip Mamas, the basic idea is to glue felt hearts to branches from the yard. Here are some already cut felt hearts to save you some time cutting. I did this with poms for my daughter bedroom and it makes such as cute decoration.

2. Heart Canvas Wall Art like from Design Improvised, these are super easy too. You can get a pack of small canvas and glue a some different types of hearts like pom poms or paper doilies. Personally I love the glitter one but I love all things glitter.

3. Heart Flowers for Lollipops like on The Keeper of the Cheerios Blog, these are super cute for school Valentines day parties.

4. Got some extra fleece hanging around like me, this idea is super cute and easy No sew heart pillow from krokotak blog. You can either have them sitting around or hang them from a tree.

5. 3-d Heart paper Garland, this is so cute for a party or even a wedding. You can see more on Miss Bizi B, she also shows a fancier version at a wedding. For this project a heart punch orĀ  Cricut cutter would be best because you may need a lot of hearts.

6. Valentine Friendship Necklace, with yarn, beads, and foam heart as seen in Make and Takes Blog post.

7. Yarn wrapped cardboard hearts are super easy and can be done with scraps of yarn. You can either make them solid hearts or I have seen cut out hearts so you can see through them.

8. Heart Related book marks for anyone to color. There are some pretty ones on Carla Schauer’s blog, but I guess any Cooking book cut out would work too. My daughter loves Adult coloring books that is why this one caught my eye.

9. Heart Hat made from plates, here is the pin.

10. Valentine’s Themed photo shoot as seen in this Walgreen’s pin. It is basically hearts on the wall and kids pose in front of it.

11. Aunt Peaches has another cool yarn heart project for us. This one seems messy but I am sure your kids won’t mind, I know mine love to get dirty. This is basically yarn in modpodge then shaped into a heart and left to dry.

12. These cute Heart Penguins are so sweet from Housing from Forest. There are also many others on Pinterest if you search Valentine craft ideas. You will need some construction paper for all these animal Valentines.

13. What about a sweet little heart wreath like on The Resourceful Mama. This one would be great with the animals, it’s just hearts cut out and glued on a paper plate ring.

14. The Suburban Mom, has some pretty sun catchers made from old crayons and wax paper. They look so pretty in the window, I would love these for more than just Valentines Day.

15. Heart Rice Crisp Treat pops are cute, I sure if you don’t have any sticks the kids would still love just decorating the hearts. Here is the pin I found for them

Bonus there is also heart themed slime you can make, slime is a house favorite!!

I have a pinterest board with more Kid crafts and STEM projects to do with the kids

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