Mermaid – Kitty – Unicorn Doll Preview

Mermaid - Kitty - Unicorn Doll

Okay Folk I had a genius idea a couple months ago, now I am sure someone else thought of this first but I loved the idea of a Mermaid – Kitty – Unicorn Doll. My thought was this combines all the stuff my daughter loves. I made her a Kitty Cat last year and she loved it. She was recently become obsessed with Unicorns and Mermaid, since I make mermaid tale blankets already, I thought why not!?!?! Who wouldn’t love all three in one doll!!

I made/modified a current pattern I use for the Kitty Cat Stuffies I make. That pattern is from Violette Field Threads on there website here >>> Katie Cat 18 inch stuffed animal. I tested the pattern once already and is was okay, I do need to change a couple little things but that’s it. Here it the layout I used, I did have to had seam allowance to the bottom half because I forgot about it when I drew the pattern. I also moved the tail over a bit because I couldn’t cut it out when it was over lapping (see the second photo). I will need to change where I sew the doll up after stuffing it, you can see where I sewed it in the forth photo.


Even with those small mistakes, my Daughter loved it and named her Shimmer. I did use different eyes and different tummy piece than the Katie the Cat pattern. I use the Owl’s eyes and the Bunny’s tummy piece. I also made the whiskers different because my daughter’s kitty lost hers, so I made them better (less likely to be pulled all the way out).  I would suggest getting all the patterns in the master collection, so you can make the all or mix them up like me!!


I will be make another doll to test the pattern better, which I will be selling at a discount or give away. Then I will be selling these dolls for $40 plus Shipping each. Each Doll will be one of a kind and have a Name to boot.

For more info either follow me on Instagram or my Behind the Scenes Group on Fb.



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