Great Gift Ideas for your little Crafters

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Great Gift Ideas for your little Crafters

Okay how many of you have a little one that LOVES to craft things, I do, two of them. My daughter loves to make thing like adult coloring, slime, beads, sewing, and writing letter to everyone she meets. On the other hand, my ten year old son with Autism loves to paint, build, and create masterpieces. So have been thinking of what to get them for Christmas and their birthdays, , which are both within two weeks of Christmas.

For my Son I got an Paper Airplane making calendar, this is one of his new obsession and none of them are flying so well. He makes a new one everyday after school to fly for a little friend off the play ground, LOL. I can’t wait for him to relearn to make them fly. This calendar is a make a plane a day, which I know he will love it plus I am going to get him a book about paper planes for more information about making them.

For my Daughter I got her a Friendship Bracelet maker, she got a book last Christmas which she loves but she has a hard time with all the string. So I got her a holder and a pack of tye dyed floss to make more. This is the holder I got for here on Amazon >>> Clipboard Starter kit. This looks great to help her learn faster until she can make them with nothing, I learned so long ago I forgot how hard it was to keep all the string straight

Here is a list of more great ideas and kits:

String art is a new trend, although I remember my grandfather making this YEARS ago.

Mini Sew Treats, they look a lot like Shopkins (which my daughter loves these day)

Pom Pom Kitties, these are super cute to say the least and both my kids love kittens, here is ours. Ps my son loves pom pom art too!!!

Adult Coloring, I don’t know about your kid but my daughter hates regular coloring books. She loves these adult coloring books can especially those with words in them so she can give them away to people.

Okay as we all know SLIME is a Huge trend and all kids want to make it, so this would please any kids.

Yarn Art, this looks like fun for those who are not too artsy but love to make pretty things.

Paracord Loom, I see these are craft fairs a lot. Maybe your little one want to start their own business, like mine (she will be painting rocks)

This one has 3 crafts in one kit, great for any crafty little girl who wants to learn new things. Yes they can my daughter can knit and learned 2 years ago at 6.

Painting Rocks are another trend, I am working on doing this with my daughter for her to start a blog soon.

Sewing machine for those ready to learn to sew, please note I don’t suggest getting an toy machine. I strongly suggest getting a real starter sewing machine, the toys one will not last. I got my daughter a hello kitty one 2 years ago and she uses once in a while, she likes to hand sew more. I figure out I could resell it later if she doesn’t like it but at the vary least a good machine last years not days like the plastic ones. My Brothers is 6 years and still going.

Okay here are just a few ideas for that crafter in your life, just click on the photo to go to amazon. I also have a Pinterest board for kids crafters and STEM projects.


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