9 Ideas for wooden crates this holiday season

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9 Ideas for wooden crates this holiday season

I love wooden crates of all kinds, I have several of them in my craft room that I use for my craft displays. I also have 2 vintage ones in my kitchen as shelves on either side of the windows. With that said, I wanted to look for ways to use them for the Holiday Season. So of course, I went off to Pinterest for find some ideas that I will share with you all.

#1 – Round Crate Tree, I saw this on Pinterest with the plain crate (which I loved not only for the holiday but for a craft show display or boutique display). But this person used them make a cat proof tree, which I get now that my cat will not stay out of my tree. Here is the blog post by HomeTalk.com. You can get those crates here on Amazon or at any other store these days. Personally I would leave them natural or white even, the green is not my favorite but it does look good all decorated.

#2 – Wooden Crate with pine and a bow – This is super simple but looks so class and rustic. This can be done with any old wooden crate, I love find them on the side of the road (that is pretty rare these days). If you go the pin or link there are several more ideas in that blog post. To get some pretty plaid ribbon on Etsy, here are a couple options, Classic or Words. Personally either would be pretty in the crate with pine and lights.

#3 – OMG Wooden Crate Choo Choo train – I can imagine any little one would love this outside there house. I found many of them on pinterest and have pinned some to my Christmas Goodies board (linked at the end). I will share this pin because you can see the steps in one photo but there is no directions just this pic. You can see this is pretty easy to make these with some paint and glue.


#4 – Wooden Crate with logs and pine – Such a pretty picture, the logs, pine, and a fireplace. This could make any house with a fireplace to make it look like a country cabin but again I love pine and lights in general. All you need in a piece of burlap, some pine pieces (real or fake), some birch logs, and a small set of lights. Here is the blog post with more info on how to make this country scene.


#5 – Wooden crate to simply hold presents like in this pin. I love the word on the front, maybe even put the kids or grandkids names on it with gifts in it. Click on the pin for more info and a few other ideas for crates.

#6 – Flat Crate Cristmas Tree, great for small space or apartment living. This one is for sale but can still be make at home with 5 bigger crates and 4 smaller crates and lot of decorations. You can see more tree option on my pinterest board linked at the end.

#7 – Wooden Crate gift basket – These crates can be big or small with almost anything in them. I found all this on Esty’s today that you can custom order for the occasion. Now I love these idea but it was not easy to find in a search with the words I was using. But none the less using a wooden crate instead of a basket for a bigger gift like cookware or wine would be great. Here an example, although it is not in English it saw exactly what I mean.

#8 – Use the a Wooden crate to hold blankets and pillows next to the couch. This could be for more than winter and Christmas too. I think even stacking a couple (zip tie them together so they don’t move) would make a great end table for a lamp with blankets rolled up in it. Of course, there would be plaid blankets for the holiday season right?!?!?

#9 – Using a wooden crate for the Christmas tree holder or the base for your tree to sit in. Personally my tree is too big but I love the look of it, even in the tiny table top trees. Like this one the tree is just in it (looks real too). This would be cool out on the porch too by the front floor.


Here is my Christmas goodies Pinterest with more DIY ideas

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