Small Goals for the new year, new start to do list

It is the new year already and I don’t set resolutions or try to do something I know I will fail at. I stopped doing this a few years back because I realized they were not usually reachable and I feel bad for not reaching them. Like most people I would try to loose weight until I started just being happy with being more active and feeling better no matter the weight lose. So this year I want to set small manageable goals this year for my business and blog. I like the idea for a fresh start for the new year and being more positive about my life and it’s path. I am on a new positivity kick this last month and I want to take that into the new year, so 2017 will be great. I will update this over the next year as my goals are met. Feel free to use this idea in your own life or business, I would love to hear your small goals.

small goals for the new year, new start to do list

#1. First of all I want to blog weekly or more, but every 7 days is an improvement from last year every 10 to 14 days. I original want to blog daily but that seems to be too much for my Niche and were resulting in poor blog post. So I want to make quality work that you all want to read.

#2. Second I want to get to 600,000 views on my blog this year, which I believe that will be reach before the end of the year. Last year I want to get to 300,000 and ended up with just over 400,000. So the 600,000 seems like an excellent target, a little higher than last years 176,000+ views.

#3. Third I want to get to 3,000 Pinterest followers by the end of the year. This goal I will have to work for but I really love Pinterest for sharing my work. I have about 1,400, so I will need to more than double that.

#4. Fourth I want to launch a new 18 inch stuff animal line with matching outfits (these will fit regular 18 inch dolls too). I will be starting this right away before I will be selling them on FB. I want to practices a bit before selling them, this one I am much excited about and can’t wait to start on. Here is a Preview of one of the stuffed animals.

#5. Fifth I want to start a to do list weekly, I started a small to do list at the end of this year but I want something more. I am on the hunt for a great printable weekly planner or one to buy (if you have one please share it). I really like the idea of bullet points and breaking them down into different categories.

#6. Sixth I want to find a way to organize my sewing room better. Usually when I am working my room is a mess, I want a better way to avoid the mess after. It takes a lot of time putting it all back after a big project. Not only will I save time but I will feel more productive. Here is my Post Blog process.

#7. Seventh I want to clear out some of my older stock to make room for my new line. I have some listed in a new clearance/mark down group on FB. I will be giving some of this away to for promotions on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest.

#8. Eighth I want to do at least 4 Craft fairs this year, that would be double from last year.

#9. Ninth I want to write ebook about blogging ideas, mostly just a collective list of all the ideas swimming around in my head. I have so many ideas but many of them don’t fit with my Niche, so I won’t use them. Yes, I love to write list, LOL.

#10. Finally I want to continue with the great growth I have had over these last few months. I relaunched my blog and brand half way through last year and had a great response from all of you.

#11. BRAND NEW Goal – Become a little to no waste home business, I am looking to use all I can to do my part to save the planet. Only until recently did I realized the fabric use is out of control and wreck the environment. So I am going to push my business more to waste nothing, with more upcycling, reusing, and reinventing this year. New blog post coming soon about ways to do this.

What are your thoughts about my small goals? some may seem big but I think they will be a little bit of a challenge but not too hard as to discourage me. I want to continue on my positive path with my blog and business.



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