Snow Day Crafts for the Kids

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We all know that Snow days can be the worse sometimes, especially if you have work to get done. Working from home is a balance between: family, time, space, working, appointments, school activities, and household things. Needless to say, that can be harder with the kiddos under foot at all day, even at 12, 10, and 20; my kids bug me frequently. Either they are: fighting, hunger, not listening to me, and/or don’t want to share. On scheduled days off I am prepared to have them home and plan on getting less work down. Snow days make you have to reorganize your plans and your mental state. Yes, mentally I have to prepare for things to lessen my stress level. Side note, the good thing about snow days the kids sleep in and can have a better mood. Which can make crafting easier until clean up LOL. I am writing this now while they are all still sleeping, usually as soon as I move from my room at least one kid is right behind me. So let’s get right into those crafts!

Of course there is always slime, which I am sure if you have kids you have all the stuff to make it. How many kinds of slime have you tried to make?? So I live with a slime expert and she can make it with her eyes closed. Funny enough, we just talked about her making slime and selling it with her brother’s home business. For the basic slime you need: glue about 4-5oz, baking soda, contact solution (must be the right kind or you will have slime like in the picture), and a bowl & utensils. If you click on the photo you can see some of the slime we made a while back. I also have a huge collection of recipes in the Pinterest board at the end of this blog.


Stress Balls are another good one, my kids love them. All you need is balloons and something to put in it. You can use: water beads, cornstarch, sand, slime, putty, or pretty much anything that will not break the balloon. Just make sure you use 2 balloons at once it makes it more durable. Please be prepared to make a little mess trying to get your stuff in the balloons. If you are willing to wait you can put dry water beads in your balloons with some water and tie it close. I am sure there are hacks to not make but that’s not fun.

I love this idea, Box Mansion these can be as big or small as you want and there are endless possibilities for boys and girls. Bonus, you can do this with a bunch of kids at once and could take up a good part of the day. Please go to the blog to see the details of the mansion. I love seeing kid playing without technology and use their imagination. Who agrees that kids need to stay kids as long as possible?


How about some stick art? Check out these projects at Sponge Kids. This can also get the kiddos outside, unless you have a ton of snow. Today’s Snow day only had like an inch of snow but ice on top of it. You can also make up your own thing, I made a wand for my daughter from a stick, glitter nail polish, and twine. We made a magic potion for her to use her wand (harry potter fan family) with. This can also be an outside activity, I will say we did this in summer (there were more flowers). One finally idea for sticks is God’s Eye crafts like this one.


I am going to add rock painting to this list, even though I realize that some of you don’t have rocks laying around your house. My kids collect all kinds of things and rocks are one of them. They love painting them then putting them out for people to take in our local town. For basic rock painting all you need is acrylic paint and a rock of any size. Bonus, I love painting rocks too so you can do it with them.


I have seen a bunch of cardboard art and games, I have cut out cardboard into Letters and let my kiddos glue scrap fabric to it. But you could use: magazines, extra craft stuff, paint, sticks, stickers, nature, or yarn. I am saving some ideas on pinterest right now, the board is at the bottom of this post. I really love the idea in the photo below but the website is down. I am guessing they hole punch each page of the book and tie it together, you can get the idea from the photo.


Oh my I almost forgot Sensory bottles, which I have tons of in my house (it is my son’s home business). These can be easy too because there are so many different ways. According to the master, corn syrup is the best; makes the glitter slower and shinier.  To break it down you need is: a bottle/container (we use recycling), glue/corn syrup/hand sanitizer/gel/oil, hot water, glitter (it can be glitter glue), and food dye (if needed). Make sure to glue the cover on once you are happy with it. Over the last two years, I have learned that you can really use anything in a sensory bottle. He son made a pretty one out of a glass bottle and put: leaves and pine in it, with a little glue, and some glitter (it was amazing and sold of $10). If you want more info I can ask him to make some recipes but he does love to experiment.


One more idea is to make something that feeds the birds like toilet roll or pine cone with peanut butter and seeds on it. The one below looks like fun too, click here for the post.




Bonus Crafts: A Couple years ago I made a blog post with 15 Valentines gifts to make with kids, which would be great this time of year (week for Valentines day).

Hope you all are able to enjoy your snow day and I would love to see what you made.

Here are some more Pins to do with the kiddos.

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