I have lost my Sewing Mojo!

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I have lost my Sewing MOJO!

Have you lost your Crafting Mojo?

Well I have and really looking for a way to get it back.

I normally have these bouts of anxiety that make me totally unmotivated to craft/sewing but with the current state of world it is even worse. You all know I love to craft/sew and for me not to being able to do it is killing me. Many of you will says, just do it and get over it but it is not that easy. If you mind can’t focus for more than a couple minutes you walk away or get mad. Honestly if you can focus it is like looking at some you don’t understand. I do keep going back to try and create pretty things but as soon as I start my body feels tired and unfocused. I have been cutting fabric and organize it more for new shop on FB but even that is hard to focus on.

Step by Step to see what helps me over come this. My hope is once they have a better schedule it will help me have a certain time to focus on work.

Downside to owning your own business the boss can’t say anything about not working. LOL

I have looking for ideas to ease back into my craft/sewing.

Let’s not mention, the huge mess I have that is overwhelming in itself. Even though I have not been sewing, I still have been giving new fabric so there is a pile waiting of me. I have been working on organizing my fabric (i.e. clothes to upcycle) but breaking them down at the seams and collect there notions. I will be selling some of this fabric in the new shop; I have too much to use and I hate that people are over pricing their fabric. Over pricing is an unfair practice for any seller. With that said, I have been collecting old sheets, pillow cases, dresses, and anything I find pretty. There are some great piece of fabric if you think out of the box such as a stretchy fabric can be use for underwear or swim suits.

Side note: I love getting stuff at Salvation Army for .99 cent.

Next I am going to organize all my unfinished projects, yes I have ton but most are tucked away in totes right now. I already organized all the doll outfits I cut out months ago but have not sewn. Now I need to but the pattern pieces with them to make sure I have all the pieces. Those pieces have been traveling with me to all craft fair we did last year and have missing pieces. I have to work while I am waiting at craft fairs so I cut out small items. Personally, I love to cut out patterns and make outfits or dolls. This is why I have so many unfinished project and pattern pieces everywhere. The creative process is chaotic but that is something I normally love about being an artist.

I do find finish a project helps motivate me again. What about you?

One of my other tricks is to go to Pinterest and get inspired.

Try cleaning/playing with your pretty stuff. This is always fun and sometime I find things I totally forgot about. I usually end up doing this while I am doing all the above ideas.

As I go through my pretty stuff, I try to think about something special I can buy for myself. Who couldn’t use a new pair of scissors or fresh pins?? It doesn’t have to be a high price item at all. Maybe you will be luck enough to find something new it your mess. I would stay away from something that is starting a new project or will add to your mess.

I hope this helps you, it was help me a lot to vent!


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