Here is to 2020!

So it’s been a while since I wrote a blog post and I really miss it. In 2020 I would love to post at once a month with fun info about our products and products I love to use. I would like to thank all you who continued to visit my blog even though I wasn’t so active. As the brand gets bigger, I want stay up to date on stuff.

analina rag dolls 2020 goals

There may be so affiliate links in this blog post, which means I may make some pennies if you buy something.

The plan for 2020 is to:

Blog more, here and my other blog

Make more American girl doll clothes and accessories

Finish at least 3 project I ready started years ago

Find a way to sell items online better

Make a real working schedule

Work on my budget with the every money app

Get organized

Double the size of my fb group

Work on my Pinterest and Instagram (insta hates me LOL)

Grow The Scarf Project across the country. Front page article here.

I think that is probably enough to keep me busy all year (lol). Usually I make a list that is too long then I give up on it after a couple months. I have a Happy Planner that I really need to use more, so I upgrade to the larger size for the new year. I got an Echo for Christmas too that I love being able to tell Alexa to add something to a list. I have a problem with write list and forget them or loose them, this way it is right on phone. That way I am taking it every where; I can just open the Alexa app and see the lists. I can also just add an idea that is in my head at that moment, I am getting too old to remember everything. Lol #justforty. As an Artist, I have millions of ideas in my head all the time.

The Scarf Project is a side project of ours to paying it forward locally. We make and collect scarves, hats, mittens, and bears to put out on our local common on the first day of winter. If you want to join we have a local (greenfield, MA) group and a USA page, were I can set up a local group for you from the page. I will make you the admin and you can run it as you see fit but I will be to add stuff too. By adding it to the national page people will be able to find a local group easier. If you want to donate you and can send money to my paypal (it is all used to cover the cost of yarn). Here is a wish list on Amazon for the Project’s needs like: yarn, mittens, and tools.


To make an order or talk to me it is best to do so on fb or email ( All my online order are done this way. Online stores are not working out for us both get folks there and the huge cost. In order to invest better into to the company, we are closing the shop part of my online Boutique (not here). Do you have any ideas about a better/easier way to sell online? We try to keep prices low for you, so the more expenses it is, the higher prices will be. Of course you all get that!

My new line of America girl dolls clothes has been super successful at the last 3 craft fairs of 2019. This let’s me play with dolls, which I loved doing as a child. One other benefit is, my daughter (10) will play too without any technology around. I hate that kids are growing up too fast, so this helps her slow down. Back to what I was saying, I sold almost all my stock at 3 craft fairs in a row. So I will be backing off my dolls (raggedy ann are still available) to focus more on this line. One more thing, my mom makes ethnic clothes with unique prints for those looking for them (pic below). Finally, she will make bigger gowns and customs that will be works of art.

Last year I started making memory bears out of loved ones shirts. I believe I made about 20 in 2019. Here are some examples below. They a $40 shipped. For more info read this blog post. I will continue to take at least 1 bear order a week, this about how long it takes to make one, shipping time not included.






I would love to thank you all for supporting us since 2013. Here is to a great 2020 for all of you. I can’t really believe it has been that long already and I have love getting to know all of my customers (some have come friends). Here is to making more friends this year. If you want to get to know me better I am very interactive on my fb page. I reply to most comments and chat with the mamas all the time. For more of my sewing stuff stuff go to my fb group for that, I share pics and projects. Both are linked above!

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