A Secret Gift for your Daughter’s Baby Shower

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A Secret Gift for your Daughter's Baby Shower


A little back story about how I decided to do this project, I got a special gift this year from my mom (see her below). The gift was my first Raggedy Ann doll from 1980 (I was about 1), I had been saving her face and body for years after moving many many times. I am unsure where the rest of her parts and clothing went but I do know she was well loved. Not really seen in the photo but her face and hair are a total mess but loved. I was talking to my mom a few weeks ago about where my doll was and how I thought she was gone. But my mom had her stash and so old clothes of mine. So she decided to remake her and make new clothes for with the apron made from one of my dresses my dad got me when I was 2. This is where the idea popped in my head to use most of my daughters dresses for a special gift for her baby. I have been saving dresses for a while not wanting to part with the fabric and now I have a purpose for all of them. Side note she did write a passage on her back with the date 2018 on it. I love that ideas too!!




The Secret Gift for your Daughter’s Baby, this is a long term gift idea for those of us who sew and make dresses/clothes for our daughters (or kids). I started sewing when I realized my little girl loved dresses and pretty stuff. After being a boy mom for 12 years, I never thought I would have a daughter, who was a girly girly and an fashionista. I am so not like that but I love making pretty and sparkly stuff.

I wanted to start this project sooner then later since I had been saving dress pieces for years now because I can’t just throw them away. I am planning on adding a date to the items from when the dress was made. I thought this would make it easier to find the original in a picture years or generation later. My little girl loved to model all her clothes I made for her so there are a lot of photos of each of them. I would hope these may be come a family heirloom/hand-me-downs some day. I will also add a note to the doll or stuffie is self like my mom did.

My plan is to make a rag doll (16 inch one), some clothes for it and a stuffie or 2 (in case there is no granddaughter) and some clothes that will fit them. I can only imagine my daughter opening all this at her baby shower, which should be 20 years away. I was so surprised to get my doll at 39, yes you are never too old for a doll. The doll itself was what I really wanted but the apron from one of my dresses is priceless, now she can be come an heirloom too!

On a side note, a memory doll can be custom ordered as long as you have enough fabric.




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