Yes, Self care is very important

This post is a bit different for my regular post but I thought I would share a bit of my life. Self care is something I really lack but I am not getting younger and I like being active with my kids so it is something that needs to be added to my do to list.

Self care needs to be a priority to extend or even save your life.

One of my goals for this week was to go to the doctor and stop ignoring the pain in my neck and shoulder. I thought I only pulled a muscle in my neck because I have had neck stiffness before and it would go away in a couple days. But after a week of odd pains from tingling, throbbing, burning, tenderness, and aching pains, I figures something else was wrong. So I stuck to it and went to the doctor even though I didn’t want to; I thought I had gained a ton of weight and would need lab work (I HATE NEEDLES). But nope I only gain 2 pounds since last years physical, which is not bad for my lack of exercise this winter and no lab work, yet (LOL). So the doctor pushed on my neck and shoulder, which are killing me now even hours later, he said I had a bulging disc in my neck, great right?!?! Probably from the way I have been sleeping at night because I wake up in a ton of pain last Monday morning and wasn’t able to move. The pain lessened a bit the next day and the next day but the pain shooting down my left arm was worrying me. I had been resting for a week now and not improving to the point I can work or do chores. The doctor referred me to the spine and sport medicine doctor, which is schedule for next Tuesday super early in the am (yep or wait another week an half). I also have to take some medicine, which it something I don’t like to do but I need to not damage my neck anymore. I hate taking medicine in general because most make me sleepy even non drowsy medicine. I also need to sleep not on my tummy or with my flat pillows and keep warm towels on my neck. Hot showers help a lot but I can only take so many in a day.

This is one reason why I say “yes self care is very important” because if you don’t take care of yourself it will only get worse. As a single mother of 3, I usually do not go to the doctor or even give in to the pain but this one was a bit different and I decided to listen to my body. I had been take a lot of pain reliever, which I know is bad long term and it was not helping after the first two days of pain. I learned that even though I thought I the doctor was going to be mad at me for not takes care of my self, he was not because I was in pain. This was also a new doctor too so I was unsure of what he would say. But I was surprised he said he was not going to mess around with it and just send me to the specialist. Yes, here the old school doctors like to drag things out and say we will see you and 6 weeks again and again before sending you to the right doctor. I hate that because I must be in some kind of pain to even go the the doctor. Waiting weeks will only make it worse not better, not just for this issue but any medical problem.

As I stated before I hate needles and did not want to have lab work, I mean my fear is pretty great and I will cry (yes even at 37 I will cry). So that really prevents me for going to the doctor at all knowing that is what usually happens. He did say the spine doctor may want to give me a shot and of course hum no thanks (LOL). So we will see what they say next week and if I need physical therapy or something more.

So the lesson here is take care of your body it’s the own one you have and I will update you all over the next month. I know us mommies are all super hero’s but it’s okay to be sick for a while.


Okay so I have been to a spine specialist, physical therapist, and back to the PCP, all saying something different. First no slipped or bulging disc all of the drs agree on that. I did have a x-ray last week and nothing broken but I have to wait of the spine dr to look at it. The spine dr said I had a pinched nerve causing the pain and tinkling down my left shoulder and arm. I started PT yesterday for my neck because he says it my neck bones have lost their flexibility and is cause limited movement. So he pulled and pushed on my neck, it was very odd and painful movements. I was also in traction for 15 minutes and by the 12 minute I was in pain from pulling on the same spot (once it let go I was fine). I did get a headache but I had been getting them all the time these days, probably for the neck pain, he was said my jaw is super tight. Finally the PCP, who I show yesterday too, said my shoulder muscles on the left is super tight.

With all that said we will see what happens with PT, he said will probably need a lot of it. I have been having neck stiffness for a very long time and even sprained my neck as kid but never got PT or anything. I think it is all just caught up with me, I do hold 95% of my stress in my neck and shoulders so it makes sense to me. I have been under a lot of stress since my oldest was born in 1999 and it wasn’t let up since. I thought I handle my stress very well but as we all know it is having some kind of affect on your body. Stress can kill you if not deal with it and it manifest different for everyone. So in the mean time, I am not lifting heavy things, trying to sleep not on my tummy, walking more for exercise, and doing my pt exercises to improve all my achiness. Some nights my pain travels down my back too if I do too much. I really can’t wait to get this all cleared up and back to myself, the constant pain is tiring and annoying to say the least.

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