12 Funny Sewing and Crafter Memes

Here are some of my favorite sewing memes that I have come across on my timeline this month. I love to see all the sewing, crafting, and craft store memes. We can all use a good laugh from time to time. These are not my photos or memes so I will link them back to their original post or to the pin where I saved them.

1. I love this one, click through to pin it. Of course, all crafters all the craft store. I will say once get to a certain point it is not as much fun, yes I have too much fabric and the craft store is not as much fun. I can’t find anything new these last two months.

I'm in a good place right now. not emotionally I'm just at the craft store

2. Who is with me on this one?? Research all the great things to make and never have time to finish or even start. Click through to pin it to your favorite crafting board.

Pinterest is not a waste of time it's research

3. How many kinds of crafts do you do? I have a few but most are sewing related. Click through to pin it so other crafters can enjoy it.

the only problem with being a multi crafter is deciding which craft to spend time on

4. This sounds about right, I am more of a coupon shopper than anything but if it’s pretty and on sale and I have a coupon, BONUS. Yep, I love a deal. Click on the photo to pin it.

i only buy craft supplies when i need it for a project. or on sale or I have coupon or it's pretty or because I want it

5. I am always try and clean up my sewing room and never can finish because I am easily distracted by all my stuff. I usually end up cutting out more projects to sew, lol.

I can't clean my sewing room because o get distracted by all the good stuff i find

6. LOL how many place have you found to hind your fabric stash if you don’t have a sewing room. I only recently got a sewing room and sadly is it still not enough room because the more room you have the more your fill it up.

too much fabric? i think the phrase you're looking for is to small sewing room.

7. Funny enough my son says this to me not my boyfriend. He is always saying you have enough and he will tell the lady at the cutting table too. I just laugh because it is so true!!!

buying fabric

8. This would be so cool if I could really do this but sadly enough my machine stops if the thread breaks LOL. Then again I would be able to drink that much coffee at once.


9. Creativity and neatness do not go together, artist are almost messy. I do love organized chaos, which to most would look like messiness. But I do know where almost everything is unless someone has moved it. LOL who else is like this?

creative and neat

10. Yep, I am always on Pinterest, pin new ideas, projects, and fun stuff to do.

creative and distracted

11. LOL I love to collect fabric for future projects that I have in mind. I do have a list of all the dolls I want to make and the fabric to go with their names. Here is my name list. Yep I buy so much faster than I can make all my dolls.


12. I am not sure about this because I love to show off my fabric stash, but this is still funny. I am a HUGE harry potter fan to boot.


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