25 Scrap Busting Sewing Projects

25 scrap busting sewing projects

As you all may know I have a huge scrap collection (that is one of my photos above) because I hate to throw them away. I save as much as possible to avoid waste and to be a more Eco-friendly home business, which is one of goals this year. So I am always search Pinterest for new sewing projects to use them all up (link my board below). Beside creating less waste, I want to get my moneys worth out my fabric. As many of us know fabric can be expensive per yard, since I sew a lot of small items already I buy a lot of remnants too to save money. A lot of these little things are what I make for giveaways and promos, which I have monthly on all my social media accounts.

There are some Affiliated Links in this post, which means I get a small percentage of all the sale. This doesn’t affect your price at all.

1. Hair Bows or Flowers, I have a Pinterest Board that I have been using for years now. I make a lot of hair things for my giveaways or little bonus for loyal customers. There are several different kind of Hair things from clips, bows, flowers, headbands, and yo-yos. I do sew all my bows because it uses less fabric than the no sew one and I like the look better. Ps I make all my flowers and bows with whatever piece piece I have, each is different.

2. Quilted Coffee Cup Cozy, I love coffee cozies in general but this one is super cute and has directions. I love all the over stitching and details on this Shabby Chic one. I don have others link it my boards that are simpler than this one.

3. Quilted Pot holders and coasters, I love these because they look like small quilts without all the work. Quilts a beautiful but a lot of work, these can make any kitchen brighter.

4. Fabric Memory Game – This is use cute and will last longer than the card board ones.

5. Scrappy Baby Bibs – these bibs are made for scraps and  really small scraps too because they are quilted. I love all the little touches on this pattern. There are boy and girl bib designs with this pattern too. Bonus this shop also has a lot of other scrap using patterns.

6. Book Marks are a great way to use up scraps, with or without free motion embroidery on it. Here is a pin with both and they are super cute to boot. If you wanted more just search fabric book marks and 100s will pop up, lol.

7. Business Card holder – I have made a few of these over the years, they are easy and use very little fabric. These are great for gifts someone who owns their own business or for a giveaway item.

8. Fabric Bunting – these can be used for anything from photo shoots, party decorations, to bedroom decorations. I love buntings, I made one last year for my craft fair booth. I also love that these can be made with any shape and any size for your personal needs.

9. Fabric Marble Necklaces – I have made many of these for the last 3 years, some for craft fairs, some for giveaways, and some for my daughter. I love these better than bubble gum necks because they don’t break when pulled on. PS you can make these teething necklaces by using wooden beads instead of marbles.

10. Make Bias tape with long stripes of scrap fabric. I got a bias tape maker set for Christmas haven’t used it yet, but I will when I make my daughters summer clothes. The set was about $23 for a 16 piece set with a case to hold it all, which I love. I also love the look of scrap pieces for edging like on the link above.

11. Make sales or gift tags, I have seen a lot of these for sale on Etsy. Here is one of the pins I saved but if you scroll down you will see a lot more. I love the look of the trees on the cardboard but I am not sure how they sew them on or if they are sewed first then glue because cardboard is super thick.

12. Small stuffed animals that can made with all scraps. I made a post a while back with a few patterns that I use scraps to make, it is the 10 free stuffed animals sewing patters.

13. Binkie Clips are an other great scrap use, they don’t really need a lot of fabric and can be different on both sides. I have made a bunch for them for craft fairs, you will need a clip though. Here are some I get, suspender clips but I also love the colored plastic ones.

14. Key chains with free emotion designs, I love free emotion designs (here is my board for that). I make most of my patterns from coloring pages because they are free to print and can be adjust to be bigger or smaller.

15. This is a cute scrap skirt pattern from Little bit Funky. You can also make one for any little girl just sew so scraps together to make it big enough for whichever you pattern requires. I have made scrappy top with all kinds of fabric, photo here.

16. Hand warmers, this pin used old shirts but you can use almost any fabric. I would not suggest a think fabric like flannel, I tried it and they burned from getting too hot inside. I have made a few of in all sizes with whatever scraps I had, plus I used old lima beans in some instead of rice. I really want to add some oils to mine for my son with autism to smell.

17. Hair ties, I remember when scrunchies were all the rage (when I started sewing in the 1990’s). These are pretty easy and are great for any little girl to help with.

18. This pretty Dream-catcher with scrap fabric trains, I love fabric pieces hanging like this. My daughter loves dream-catchers so I think this would look great in her room.

19. Crazy scrap quilt, this quilt uses all the bits of fabric. I have always wanted to do this, I tried it once and failed but I might try again to make a bib and not a quilt (start small, right).

20. Baby bibs are another great way to use scraps and make something to sell or giveaway as gifts. I have a board for baby bibs only too, here is the link.

21. I use most of my scraps for Rag doll hair, here is my blog post and video to show you have I make them. This uses scraps as small as 1/2 inch to 2 inches. I also use a lot of scraps for feet and small piece on the rag dolls outfits.

22. Fabric napkin rings, I have a few of them on my board linked below.

23. Fabric embroidery loop display, I have some of these on my wall in my sewing room. I was able to get a bunch of loops at a tag sale for $2 last summer.

24. These pin cushions are super cute and would be a great gift for any sewer, at any level.

25. Scrap quilted table runner, I love table runners but with little ones and a small table I have been able to have one.

Feel free to share your scrap project so I can pin it to my board.

Ps I will take Scrap fabric donations if you think you won’t be able to use them. My mailing address is 37 Woodleigh Ave, Greenfield, MA 01301. I would love to get surprise packages in the mail, not only will I use all the fabric, I will also reuse all packaging material.


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