Super Cute Felt DIY Projects

I was on Pinterst today and I kept seeing little felt items, each one looks so cute. So I decide I would make a post about some I found and make a Pinterest board to save some for later. For me, I think these would be great for my daughter, who is learning to sew and I want her to learn hand sewing first before the machine. Most felt DIY are hand sewn or even just glued, there are few that may need a machine. A lot of them have great details which can be all done by hand and with scraps from other projects. I know I have extra beads, ribbon, floss, and even felt hanging around. So if you like felt projects please follow my board linked at the bottom of the page to daily updates, yes I pin all the time.

Super cute DIY Felt Projects

There are affiliate links in this blog post, which means I get a small percentage of each sale. This doesn’t affect your price at all.

DIY Cupcake Key chains – These key chains are so detailed and can be done with scraps too. I love cupcakes, not so much to eat but definitely for crafting and fabric. I do have a Cupcake Raggedy Ann doll for sale on Esty right now (I know selfless product promotion, LOL).

DIY Under the Sea Felt softies – These are so cute and the pattern is only $5.37 on Esty, it comes with more than just mermaids too. The little octopus is amazing and the merman, I don’t think I have ever seen a merman pattern before. I will also pin other mermaid felt patterns because there are a lot of them out there. P.S. this shop sellsĀ  many other felt animal patterns, which as super cute too.

DIY Felt Circle Garland – Super cute for party decorations or even a bedroom, I would love to make these for my daughters room. I will put them over my daughters huge mirror in her room to brighten it up (it’s kinda grown up and blah for her). I love the circles but I think you could probably do almost any shape you wanted like stars and moons. Here is a link to 1 inch circles already cut for you, super easy!

DIY Felt Super Hero mask – great idea for not only your own kids but as a party favor too. The pattern is available to buy here for a little over $7, there also a lot of others like woodland animals and Safari. I love that these can be customized to whatever your kids likes like a pink super man for a little girl party.

DIY flower Wreath – This wreath is so pretty and clean, I would have not thought is was felt from the photo. You could also use these flowers for hair pieces or other flower bouquet. I pinned a few other flower ideas in my board (linked below).

DIY Simple Bow Hair clip – These are made with felt, clip, and hot glue (no sewing). I could see making a ton of these but my daughter is super picky about hair clips.

DIY Animal pencil toppers – Another cute idea for giving away to other kids like valentines day or party favors. I so would have loved to make hearts for my daughters class but it’s too late this year.

DIY Felt Ice cream – When I first saw these I fell in love but I am not sure what I would do with them but I think my daughter could probably make them her self. They kinda remind me of Shopkins and she has just started liking them. Hand sewing is a good start to learn to sew too.

DIY felt dolls like this one, she is a Koala and super cute but so are all the others in their shop. I also have a lot of dolls saved to my board.

Any DIY felt animal, there are wide too many to pick just one so I will be adding them to my board instead of listing them out here.


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