Do you really need to blog more than once a week?

This is a question I am sure every blogger has asked themselves at one point or another. I know I did but I soon realized posting daily (which was my goal) was not going to happen. The question is what is the right amount for you? This all depends on your niche and how long your post are. There is a lot of information out there that goes both ways, so my post is more to help you figure is out. I do lean more toward blogging once a week or so.

Do you really need to blog more than once a week?

My story is, I wanted to post daily when I relaunched my blog in 2016 but I quickly realized that was too much posting. As a newbie to blogging I was overwhelmed with all that comes with blogging, not just the writing. Even though my blog is over 3 years old I never really put much into it but sharing my sewing projects. But I have realized blogging is something I love to do (besides sewing and crafting). Right now I am blogging about every 7 to 10 days, although I really would like to blog every 5 days. I am trying to focus on great content and not just posting for the sake of posting (like I was before). Quality not Quantity was something that was drilled in my head all through high school from my favorite shop teacher, I try to live by that in all aspects of my life.

The next question is what is a quality post?

I have read that post with 1000 to 2000 words get the most attention and have the most followers. If you think about it a post that long will have to be well put together, therefore taking longer to write and edit. If you struggle with writing longer post, try this write, and then walk away for a day or so, then edit and add more content. You will be surprised how words add up and more ideas pop in your head. Yes, that is what I do, write down my ideas then add to them over the week. Funny enough right now I have four post I am working on. Now keep in mind some bloggers share daily small amounts and it works for them and their niche. But whether is long post, how to do, or short daily post they need to have good content to get good views.

Quick tips to stay focused on great content

1. Brainstorm

2. Write notes

3. Make lists

4. Write when it is quiet

5. Write freely than walk away for 24 hours or more then edit

6. Always edit and reread your post (I even do this after publishing)

7. Write about what you love

8. Make your post easy to follow

9. Quality not Quantity

10. Do what works best for YOU!!!

Another way to ensure you have good content is to write about something you love or enjoy. If you are interested in what you are writing it will show on the page. You will also be more likely to learn more and share more about your topic. In my opinion, it will also help you become an expert and be more interactive, which readers like. Of course, we all know people like to learn from those who know more than them (e.i. can fill a need). I once read that filling a need is the best way to get more readers or followers. Many times I will look something up and find the information is all over the place, so I make a post I would love to see (i.e. filling a need). That has worked for my so far. More importantly, if you think you have something new and interest share it. People are always looking for new ideas and ways to do things.

What are some popular post?

Top 10 are:

1. How to do or DIY with photos or video

2. Top 10 (or whatever number) list

3. Beginners guide

4. Ultimate guide

5. Checklist

6. Controversial topics

7. Personal story

8. Reviews

9. Blogging (yes blogging about blogging is very popular)

10. Solve a problem

Next the post needs to be easy to read, not just easy to follow but it needs to be visually broken down. Using list, numbers, bolding, headers, outlining, and photos are the best way to break down a post. Breaking down your post into small paragraph helps people find the information they want easier. Even if you are not a professional writer you can blog and be successful at it. Just remember blogging is a learning process and you can learn as you go. That’s how I have been doing it and as I learn I go back and edit old post and redo them or even delete them. Yes you can delete post that don’t fit your growing blog, for the most part those post probably have little to no views. So those post are not helping your SEO and your views anyways.

Look at your stats to see if you need to blog more than once a week. You can see if a weeks you have more post get more views or if the opposite happens. Yes, just because you post more doesn’t mean you will get more views, especially if your content is not great. For example, I had 2 post in the week 10-10 to 10-16 and the views were 14,600 but the next week I didn’t post at all and the views were 15,400. Not to sure why but I would go as far as to say that SHARING is more important than how much you post. Social media sharing is what drives people to your blog, I find that only a handful of people really google my blog. I get 95% of my traffic from Pinterest right now. I did write a post about boosting your social media a while ago, linked here.

Something to also remember is everyone is different and what is great for one person may not be good for you. Do what fits your life and blog the best, stop stressing because it will show if you focus blog post. I know consistent is key to getting return reads but that doesn’t mean over doing it either. If life happens and you need a break, feel free to write a post about it explaining. Most readers are understanding and will probably be very supportive. If you write evergreen post your views and readers will keep coming even if you spot posting for a while. An evergreen post is a post the never gets old like a how to do, therefore continuously attracting new views (especially is it on Pinterest). I have a couple evergreen post that get me about 80% of my views daily (one of them is 3 years old).


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