Simple Ideas to Boost your Social Media

I have been working hard to get my social media accounts boosted and I have noticed it is really a lot of work and time. I really hate to pay for something I can do myself or find the information for free, but that’s just the penny pincher in me (LOL). I am like that with almost everything in my life that is probably because I am a single mother of 3. Back to social media tips I have used this month. With that said I do love sense of pride when I can get it done. I was a Facebook networker for about a year or more (2012 – 2014) before my life got too crazy and I had to quit. But I am slowly working my way back up and relaunching my blog with a new look and direction.


First I changed my Pinterest name to my real name with sewing and blogging next to it and I used more keywords in my bio. I did get a huge boost of follower the first few days but it has slowed this week. My reaches are over 115,000 now from 80,000 so people are looking and interacting just not following. I also made new board covers for all my boards (yes all 90+ of them, took 2 days). I had change my account to business account months ago, but if haven’t you should probably start today. Make sure your website is verified or at least linked to your bio. Here is mine:


Share and repin your pins within Pinterest all the time. I do a few personal pins and repin about 40 to 50 a day, yes I do it all myself. I love to look on Pinterest myself and see what’s new. I do think I may have too many boards but I am into sewing and crafts so there is a ton on Pinterest and so many ideas to remember. I did research that question last week and the answers varied from having 10 to 12 boards to 100 to 200 boards. So I am just going to do what I do until I learn other wise. Any suggestion would be welcome!!

One more thing about Pinterst, I recently had a light bulb moment when I was editing my pins to can more keywords in them. Pinterest was BLOCKING anything with a Hahstag in front of it. Now I had no clue many of my pins were not being seen at all because the description were blank. So after hours of redoing and deleting all my hashtag, which I had on the to make it easier for sharing on Twitter. I had a huge surge in reaches and long term I hope to left my SEO to get my boards and profile higher on Pinterest.

On Twitter I tweeted as much as I could and retweeted others. I have been working on interacting with people within my niche. This means I favor and retweet their post and comment on a few every day. I love to look at hashtags that I use and go to interact with those post, I know a lot of people do this on Instagram. That reminds me I have been searching for the best hashtags that work for me. I have a board on Pinterest with lots of hashtags, here’s the link. If the hashtags are not right no one will see or use them. For example, Rag doll hashtag is mostly cats LOL because there is a cat called a rag doll. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a better hashtag for rag dolls.

On Facebook I have been using ladders and mingling to get more traffic to my page. I had a huge page last year until Facebook’s new policy and limited post views. I had been slowly loosing fans since but this last months I have been able to off set themĀ  and gain. This can be time consuming but it does work better than almost anything on Facebook (except a huge giveaway). I also had a giveaway this week to boost my reaches because with 8,000+ fans I am still not getting a lot of interacts (about 2,000 a week). This it because my page was inactive for a while, yes even a couple days can cause this. So if you know you are not going to be able to post schedule at least 3 post a day, so you don’t loose you status on your fans timeline. Once they stop liking or comment you will disappear off their timeline. I have noticed that paid ads are only boosting within your fan base, I rarely see a page I am not fans with sponsoring posts. So just be wise with your money.

Make sure your social media accounts are connected when you can, like Instagram posting to Twitter and Facebook. I also have my Pinterest tweet all my pins. They are also connected to my Facebook page on my timeline. Of course on my blog and youtube channel too. This can be a pain but once it’s set up you can share all over the place with one post. I recently started Tumblr, not much interactions but you need to start some where, Right?

I have noticed Stumble Upon is tricky, I get some traffic only once in a while but nothing to brag about. One problem I saw was I love to sewing so I have that has one of my top picks and all the stuff coming up is from 2013. That seems off to me unless no one is using that topic anymore, so I stopped stumbling myself and only share my post once in a while. I wasn’t going to stress about it because it is very limited, you can only share a post once.

Adding links to everything such as adding links within your blog to older blog post or social media accounts. I am still trying hard to remember to add my blog link to my Instagram post. I always forget because I have to type it all out and many times my titles are not that easy to remember.

On my Blog I added alt text, descriptions, and titles to all my photos and made sure all my new photos had good names. I had no clue that it was so important but I read that google can’t read text on images so the title is important for searching. This was a bit time consuming too but hopefully it will pay off later, I binged my name and almost all were mine, so I guess it is important. As I go have been making sure that is all done first so its publish right to begin with. I am also trying to make better pin images with stock photos to get more traffic. I hear that those images are very important and many times bloggers have more than 1 for the same post, to reach different people. I haven’t done that yet but it is on my to do list once my blog is updated.

Last I did add a couple ads on my blog side sections for my own dolls and other blog post. I have huge traffic to one blog post which is a DIY post so I thought maybe it would get more attention to other posts. When I say a huge amount I mean 90% of my 300,000 views are from that one post, so that’s a lot of traffic to get. If it doesn’t work by next month I will remove them and try something else. What’s on you side sections??

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