Valentines Day Crafts to do with the Kids

Valentines day it almost here and I was looking for a few crafts to do with the kids. My daughter loves Valentines because she loves hearts and spreading love so much. I am going to have her make some family Valentines this weekend. We are having a family party on the 11th, so she can hand them out then and we can decorate the house too. So I am off to search for a few things that are easy to do with the kids and would not cost much, hopefully nothing because I already have the stuff in the house. Click on the photos to go to the website for more information.

Valentines Day Crafts to do with the Kids

First up is the Valentines hand “I love you” card, the pin is here. This is super cute for small hand and probably could be used for more than just Valentines Day. My daughter also love to write note about loving people, this is prefect for her. Also cutting is a great motor skill and practice makes prefect.


This one is also way cool, Fizzing Heart Art, the pin is here. I think my son would also enjoy this because it’s science and art, his 2 favorites. This would also make pretty art for a kids room in a picture fame. For the most part, what I don’t have at home I can get at the dollar store, like the dropper (another motor skill) and the tin.


I love these and I am sure they have done these is school before but we will still make them for the windows in the kitchen. Rainbow Heart Sun Catcher is pinned here. Cutting and glue are my kids favorites too, what about yours?


Here is one for the birds, no really they are bird feeders. Heart shaped cereal bird feeders, pinned here. I will be using cheerios because we don’t eat sugary cereal. But we do have 100’s of pipe cleaners because my son collects them, lol.


Last one, a simple heart wrapped with yarn, pinned here. This is great to use up pieces of scrap yarn that is just hanging around. Use an old card board box to make the heart and let the kids wrap it, great motor skill practices. I will probably not paint the heart but I love the natural color of card board. I will hang this on the front door.


I have been also adding craft to my pinterest board for kids with Autism for my middle guy, who has autism and loves art projects. You have a craft I can add to my board share it in the comments.

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