Sewing a Boy Kitty Cat, Illuminati

I recently made a kitty for my daughter for Christmas and now my son wants one. He picked out a fabric and a name, Illuminati. He loves Minecraft and I guess some of the Youtubes say this word, I think its cute for a kitty name. This fabric is white with greenish blue triangles on it, almost like the Illuminati sign. Green is his favorite color this week, lol. This pattern I will be using is Violette Field Threads new Katie the Cat pattern. What I love about these is they fit 18 inch (American Girl Doll) clothes, I did buy the master collection and can’t wait to make them all.

Here is the fabrics my guy picked.

Sewing a Boy Kitty Cat, Illuminati

Took me about 2 days working on it on and off, once the face is done it is easy going from there. All the small piece aren’t easy to cut out and I free sew over them all to, so they are nice and secure. I have had heat bond piece far off after many washings and the way my kids love their stiffed animals it needed the extra stitching.

Sewing a Boy Kitty Cat, Illuminati

I was able to make the whole thing without Neno seeing it, I am hoping to surprise him with it tomorrow. My 2 little ones are having a party tomorrow so I wanted his sister to give it to him. Here he is all sewn up and I will add a photo of him with the kitty in a couple days. No his legs aren’t off, it’s the way he is sitting (had to check after looking at the pic.

Sewing a Boy Kitty Cat, Illuminati


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