Analina Rag Dolls Pay it Forward Program – Opening Late 2017

Analina Rag Dolls Pay it forward program

CLOSED until I get more interest and more time to make the dolls, although I have been donating 2 to 3 dolls a year for programs and displaced families. Updated 1/4/18

There many be some Affiliate links in the blog post, which means I get a small percentage of each sale. This doesn’t affect your price at all.

I have been wanting to start a Pay it Forward Program but I need some help to make it work with breaking my bank. Right now, I have the time but I need the fabric to make some dolls to donate to these families. As a special needs family with 2 Autistic, Bipolar, and ADHD boys, I want to share some thing positivity with the siblings that may be feeling left out. I know we all do our best to prevent these feelings but with all the therapies and other appts it is bound to happen, yes even for me as a stay at home mom. My daughter the youngest of the 3 is struggling a lot with having 2 older special needs brothers. She has been getting anxiety, emotional regulation issues, and peer relation issues in school and with the family. So I thought maybe sending out a special package for a child in this situation would help raise their spirits and feel like some one cares and understands. Not only am I special needs mom but I have a Masters in Psychology specializing in Child and Adolescent development, so I fully understand the strength and resilience of special need siblings but growing up can be rough. I know siblings of special needs child grow up to be amazing people but in the mean time it can be a struggle as they grow and understand the needs of their siblings. My 2 youngest have a strong bond, more like twins but my daughter still struggles to handle her brothers moodiness, meltdowns, and all the rewards he gets at school. As I stated before, I want to reach out and share some positive vibes with special needs families. I will start an application process once I have picked a name for this program later this year.

The new application is here >>>

Now I was thinking of ways to get some help with this and I thought if someone can send me scraps or unwanted cotton fabric, I can make the dolls or stuffed aniamls. I can use scraps as small as 1 inch by 2 inches for their hair and bigger for the dresses and aprons. I will buy all the thread and stuffing and paying for the shipping cost. But the fabric is the most important part to get started. I will be thinking of a name for this non-profit so this idea can grow. If you don’t have fabric I will take amazon cards or Joann fabrics store cards to help off set the cost of the stuffing, thread, heat bond, and shipping. I also have a paypal account that can be given on request (message me on Facebook). My direct email address is and my address is Analina Rag Dolls 37 woodleigh Ave, Greenfield MA 01301

These families will be picked by a lottery style, I will put a number on each application approved. I will pick a number randomly (with the computer) each month, I may pick more once the program takes off. The age of the child will be limited to 5 to 12 years old. I am thinking those are the children that need the most support and still have an interest in getting one of these items. I will be making stuffed animals along with the rag dolls so it will be open to boys and girls. Yes, my son loves his rag dolls and cat. All the options include: boy 16 inch doll, girl 16 inch doll, cat, owl, deer, and possible more in the future. I love these Violette Field Threads 18 inch stuffed animal and they are adding to their line all the time. Each with come with a name just like all my for sale items listed here. The application will have several questions to ensure the applicants are really in need including possible photo. They will also get to pick their item and color on the application, each will be made as needed. These families can be nominated too by someone else close to the family.

This program will be fully launch be the end of the year with the applications being accepted by October, 2017. The first donation will be made by Christmas of this year.

Now I need a name about Scraps and Special needs Siblings, what are your thoughts?

Okay I pick the name “Scraps of Love” do you like it??


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