Analina Rag Dolls Sewing Supplies Wish List of this holiday season.

I know many times people struggle with what to get me for a present, except a gift card to the crafting store (which is a bit impersonal to me but still appreciated). I am going to make my wish list, feel free use it for your own seamstress or quilter. All these are also listed in the Pinterest board at the bottom for this post. I will be adding more items to that board of the next few weeks, so be sure to follow it to get updates.

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analina rag dolls sewing supplies wish list

My Wish list:

1. Wonder Clips are becoming the new Pins, I have been told they are amazing for sewing clothes and quilts. I have yet to try them but they are on my wish list this year. I also saw a tip today that buying name brands are worth the little extra, generic clips are not a strong.

2. Fiskars 6X24 inch Acrylic Ruler, I have one and I love it but some the ruler markers are fading. I think I have been using mine since 2010 or earlier. I love this one because its clear and harder than others and doesn’t cut (shaved off pieces) when using the rotary cutter.

3. Fiskars 24×36 inch Eco Cutting mat, again my is loosing its measurements on the mat of have nowm which I have had just as long as the ruler. I think this one may even been bigger which is why I want it but not by much. This is great for cutting dresses and quilting, I use to cut it all by hand, this is so much easier and fast. It was great for making my Minecraft Quilt lots of squares.

4. Gingher Rotary Cutter, I have a rotary cutter but Gingher is one of the best scissor making companies around. I have a Fiskars but I have replace it a few times, I would really love that will last me a long time.

5. 16 Piece Bias Tape Set – I love the look of bias tape on handmade clothes but it is a pain to make by hand. This set has a few different sizes from 1/4 inch to 1 inch, which are all great sizes for clothes.

6. Coats and Clark Thread 50 multi pack, as a sewer who matched most of her thread to her fabric this is a great set. These may not work as well for those who sew bigger projects but it will definitely work for rag dolls and doll cloths.

7. Magnetic pin bowl, I have always wanted one. I even tried to make one with an saucer and magnets but they weren’t strong enough to hole the pins down. I love having my pins in a bowl, in general, so having a magnetic in it would only make it better, less spilling.

8. Dritz Deluxe Seam ripper, there is a 3 pack of them on Amazon. Yes believe it or not I need more than one. I tend to loose them or break them (or I will say my autistic son breaks them), so it’s always good to have a back up.

9. Dritz Quilting Pins, I really like longer pins because for me that are easier to use. These quilting needles are 1 3/4 inches, I have been using these pins for years. I am getting low on pins after years of sewing (many left in projects), loosing them, and vacuuming them up LOL.

10. Bobbin Saver ring, I have one of these already but it is getting full. I love it because all my bobbins were getting tangled up in the container they were in.

11. Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener, after cutting a lot of fleece these blades get dull. Sharpening a blade would be so much better than buying a new one or using it dull.

12. Lace zippers, these are great for making little girl clothes. These zippers are so pretty and add a little extra to the outfit.

13. Schmetz Universal Sewing Needles, I go through a ton of sewing machine needles. I do use the universal and have been for years never have had a problem except when I run out.

14. Dritz point turner, I use a knitting needle to turn my projects. I had no clue there was one of these, it is amazing.

15. Artbins or any kind but the bigger the better. These containers are made for any kind of artist or crafter. I saw like 6 of them I wanted on Amazon with all different storage. I have my stuff in tool boxes from Home depot and they are too shallow.

16. June Tailor Quilt Binding express, OMG this is so cool. I made my binding by hand for my minecraft quilt and it was a pain because the binding is so long.

17. Good Iron that has a lot of watt, heat is important to get wrinkles out and pressing seams. I have gone through 2 this year already, I prefer Shark but the high the price the better they are. Especially if you are using it a lot like me.

18. Pattern Weight, these help hold a pattern down. Yes they a slippery things, mine blow off the table all the time or will side off the edge of the table.

19. Dritz Loop Turner, this is for turning real small straps and again I had no any this was a tool. I make a lot of small straps for my dolls, it would save a lot of time.

20. Dritz Elastic Threader 3 pack, these are so much better than using safety pins.I have been using a safety pin for years, but the problem is they get weak and pop open while pulling it through and get stuck. I can’t wait to try these.

21. I love Buttons and collect them, so I would love a mixed lot of them.

22. Sewing or Crafting table with lot of storage. I really want one with the ability to iron on it because my ironing board isn’t that strong and wobbles.

23. Printing paper, ink, and tape are so great for those of us who print PDF patterns.

I have a Pinterest Board where I save all the products I would love to buy for my self.

One thought on “Analina Rag Dolls Sewing Supplies Wish List of this holiday season.

  1. These are awesome supplies to have. I have most of these but wish I had more time to sew these days. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. It’s great having you.

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