Top 25 DIY Christmas decorating ideas

Christmas with be here before we know it and yes I am ready to start decorating. I can’t wait to make some new decoration this year, especially for outside. I really don’t have a lot of decoration since we moved last year and I wasn’t in the mood to decorated that much last year (plus we have no snow and it was sad). With that said Christmas is my favorite holiday and would have my tree up all year if I could and I am ready to get going. Funny story it snowed a week before Halloween and there were Christmas song on the radio, I was ready to skip Halloween even though the snow melted the next morning. Yes I LOVE snow too, Christmas light covered with snow are amazing and the quiet of a snowy night is the most beautiful thing. Now that I am ready to go I need to find some DIY crafts and decorated ideas to make my house super Christmasy (yes that is a word).

top 25 DIY christmas decorating ideas.

Here are my top 25 and as always I have these saved to my Pinterest linked below.

1. This one is super cool, but many cost a bit unless you have a ton of balls hanging around. It is a HUGE ball wreath made from to pool noodles and shatter proof balls and hot glue. I love it the window in the pins. This one is smaller with ribbon covering the ring, here.

2. Birch Wood Reindeer, I use to have one of these from the store loved it. I guess I must go and get some branches to make some more. I always wanted some for the table, I think if I just use bigger branches it would work.

3. Tree and greens in a big urn, I did this last year (mine was not that pretty). This year I will go and get some pine to add the bottom, the fake tree I use is really cheap and need some love. I have been doing something like this for year but with only pieces of pine and sticks.

4. DIY mason jars with lights, I love the country look of this. This seems easy enough and even better if you have old mason jars hanging around. Even discolor or colored ones would look great with some more ribbon too.

5. Board with a Ribbon Star, I have been seeing this for a year now and I need one. I need to find an old board to make this from, I already have loads of ribbon. Simple but festive.

6. Old lace trees, These look so elegant and with mod podge you can make anything these days, RIGHT? I know I tons of fabric here to make some of these for the table top.

7. Snowball ornaments, I know we see these in the store. I never realized these were that easy to make. Although they wouldn’t match my neon tree, I still love them.

8. Fabric Rudolph head, I love all these mount fake heads. I really want to make unicorn for my neon themed Christmas.

9. DIY fur letters, I am planing on make BELIEVE fur letter this year. Probably not 3D like these, I will just by cutting out so cardboard and glue fur to them.

10. Outside Candy Decorations, I have seen many of these pinned to Pinterest all over. They are like candy land to me but the kids will sure love them.

11. Elf Feet, these are whimsical and the kids again would love these no matter where you put them, even outside in shrubs.

12. Glitter on Branch, which would look great in the tree urn because you can never have enough glitter, Right? Yes I am a glitter addict.

13. Cookie Cutter Ornaments, these have stock or photos in them which make them make personal than just cookie cutters on the tree.

14. Wall tree with branches and lights, this has been one of my favorites for a long time. It is great for a small space. I also saw one where they added their Christmas Cards to them.

15. DIY ruffle tree skirt, I have seen these on Pinterest with only using ribbon and hot glue. These look super easy because its a no-sew project but I wonder how long it will hold up (my guy loves crawling under the tree).

16. Advent Calendar, my kids love the chocolate advent calendars but I like this better with a small treat in the pocket.

17. DIY Scrabble letter ornaments, this is great for kids (like mine) who names are never on anything because they are unique.

18. Pom Pom Wreath, this is inspired by Pottery Barns wreaths. This probably will be time consuming but easy to make. I love the white and silver one, but I would use all the scrap yard I have to make a colored one.

19. DIY printed Gift tags, I have several of these pinned to my board. I am thinking about coloring some for the kids.

20. Glitter Pinecones, I have always spray painted my pinecones silver or gold but this year I am going to add glitter. We all know I LOVE glitter.

21. Tree from Tomato cages and lights, I have always wanted to make these but my cages were always bent but this year I am going to buy a new one or two.

22. Mesh wreath, I have one already but I love to make these. I have a Pinterest board with wreaths only (all season ideas too), here.

23. Decorated empty frames, I love this because we all have broken frames to upcycle. It is amazing what spray paint can do with a little pine and maybe some letters. I have a few of this on my board.

24. Ornament ball garland, I bought mine a few years back on clearance and they were still expense and stiff. Again if you have a lot of balls hanging around this would be cheap. if not it will cost a bit. I know this year I will be clearance shopping after Christmas to stock up.

25. Rope or yarn balls, again these are expensive in the store but are easy to make. You can also make trees like this too.


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