What to make for Easter Dress??

I know Easter is almost here and I still haven’t made an Easter dress for Nana yet. I keep putting it off and feel like I still have time, well now I don’t. I have a few dress in mind but my sewing area is such a mess, I don’t want to go in there. Never the less I have narrowed is done to 3 top picks, and the fabric won’t be too Eastery (if that’s a word) because Nana doesn’t like that stuff. But again I can’t predict what a 6 years old will like day to day.

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Which one is your pick????

Here is my top 3

Loralie Dress is pretty and elegant looking, I like that look in the photo.


Hope’s Hi-low is another favorite, my mom bought Nana an Easter already it was hi-low but she has worn it 10 times already (including sneaking it to school), it’s not so pretty anymore. So I know she would love this dress.


Ginger Dress is one I have been dying to make for a year now, it is so Retro but super cute


I Picked the first one for Easter, photo below and the blog post is here.



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