Stash Challenge 2016 – Project #1

So I am starting a Stash Challenge for myself, you can join me (#stashchallenge2016). I have a lot of fabric and need to use it and save my money. I really have a hard time passing up a deal, which is usually a coupon or a remnant that is on sale too. This is how I sew for less because fabric can be expensive, I do have some really expensive pieces (I will be using one for my first project). For the most part the dolls I sew don’t need a lot of fabric, so why pay for so much if you only need a little. But Nana’s dress take more and usually I will go shopping but I am broke and running out of place, so not new fabric.

Project #1 is making Nana’s Easter Dress

I am making Loralie from Violette Field Threads (link here). Here are some of the Fabric chooses I will picking from.

Okay so I picked B, I had more of it and the pattern used a lot more fabric than I thought I needed. I Only have a few scraps left, great for doll legs, hair and feet.


Some times I really hate double layered skirts, too many pins and gathering. In the end it will be worth the struggle.


It’s done just in time for tomorrow!!! Happy Easter all. I will have to make another one of these with the vintage option.


To Join me post your projects, stash, and progress to #stashchallenge2016. I will pick some to share on my Blog, so this can help you promote your blog, social media, and/or business. This challenge will be going all year, I know I will be working on mine for a few months. I really don’t have a lot of projects in mind right now so making 10 things will be a challenge.





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