15 things I hate about life in general

15 things I hate about life in general. I know we all have things that bug us on a daily basis from little things (pet peeves) to bigger long term issues. I am going to list 15 of mine not in any order.

1. People that don’t know how to drive or don’t using proper driving rules like using blinkers or tailgating on the highway. Yes I do yell at other people’s bad driving.

2. Mental health system for children – there is an overall lack of proper care and understanding. Mental health for children lacks enough places and people to provide the proper care.

3. Kids making a mess in a room I just cleaned. This happens a lot, I clean one room, go to clean another and they make a mess in the clean room. I hate this cycle.

4. Having an argument with someone who is narrow minded and can’t see anyone else views or opinions. I like to be right too but I can agree to disagree.

5. Pee on the potty or floor in the bathroom, yes with 2 special needs son this happens.

6. People bashing those of us that get public assistance of any kind. Just because someone needs help doesn’t mean they are using the system.

7. Not being able to pass a level on Candy Crush.

8. The high cost of basic needs like heat, electric, internet, and cell phone. I think that many of these companies are over charging because they can.

9. Teenage son not listening to me or lack of respect for the people who gave you life.

10. Daily chores, I hate having to do the same thing everyday like dishes and cooking.

11. No snow for Christmas, it is rare in New England to not have any snow for Christmas but it is happening more and more.

12. Heroin Deals, enough said.

13. Running out of cream for my coffee.

14. Kids not wanting to get up for school.

15. Children who are mean or rude to my children.

Are any of these on you list or did I miss some?? Comment below.

15 things i hate about life



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