10 Free Soft Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns with Photos

Attention the Fox pattern is #8 but I am no longer able to share the link to the free pattern, even though it is maybe available on Pinterest. I am removing the free pattern to avoid any legal issues, plus you can’t make it right with out the directions. Once the company answers my email for the link for the issue the fox it in, will share it.

Updated to say here is the link to the Homespun Magazine Issue from June 2015 to the pattern.

I love Free Patterns or PDFs, here is a list of the top 10 I have found today. This is only my opinion of good PDFs and online instructions that are easy to follow. I will be making these myself over the next month or so. I also add different links for the PDF themselves and the directions, so you don’t have search the blog for them (one of my least favorite thing to do). I also added a photo so you don’t have to open the links to see the animal.

10 free soft stuffed animal sewing patterns with photos

#1. Penguin, this is for my middle autistic son who loves Penguins to death. The PDF is from Purl Soho and the instructions on their Website at The Purl Bee Penguin. My guys favorite color is orange so I am thinking it with be orange and black and white. I recently made these 2 little guys for my son, here their photo. I will say they don’t stand on their own but super cute and not to hard to make.


#2. Stuffed Fleece Fox, this pattern is super cute!! Here is the PDF link Fox Pattern by Stitched by Crystal. I have had this PDF saved for long time and can’t wait to finally make one for my daughter, a pink one.


#3. Spring Chicken, I have make 2 of these already. I love that is can be made with scraps (my 2nd chicken was made for hot pink fur, see photo) and can have any color combos. The PDF is here Spring Chicken this is by Sew Mama Sew.


#4. Bernie the Cat, he is super cute and looks like a great scrap buster. I love that he is odd and not perfect. The Pattern pieces are here and the website is from sew toys.


#5. A Little Seahorse Rattle, this is so cute (would use a bell and not a rattle) but there was no pattern I could find but it is just a drawing anyone could make or save the top photo and print that or tracing the photo for the computer itself (that’s what I did). The website is from Hobbycraft.  I made this and here is the photo.


#6. Tilda Reindeer from Craft Beautiful, this reindeer is amazing looking but the directions are lacking a bit. I would love to tried it anyways, you can download the template here, make sure to scroll down to find the reindeer pieces.


#7. Owl Plushies, This is another great scrap buster because its small and can use any color combo. The pattern pieces are here and the website with instructions is Adventures in Making. I think I would change the eyes a bit because they look a little odd with the black outline.


#8. Sorry I had to remove the magazine photo because of copyright issues, so to avoid any more issues I made my own (as seen in the photo). Too Flashy Fox from Homespun Magazine, I found this super cute fox.

I am also sorry to note that I will not be sharing the free pattern link any more to avoid legal issues. Here is the pinterest pin for the company it self and you can do what you want with it from there. Updated to say here is the link to the Homespun Magazine Issue from June 2015 to the pattern.

Again I am sorry and it is not possible for me to remove all the pins for pinterest with this fox, I removed the original long time ago but it was repined too many times.

I have found the paid pattern on Esty at Angel Lea Designs for about $9, here is the link (affiliate link). Check out the post about the written pattern I did the other day, Francie Too flashy Fox pattern review.

Made from a www.AngelLeaDesigns.com pattern!!


#9. Cozy Kitty Heat Packs, I picked this one because my kids love heats packs. I thought this would a great idea, they would be cute just stuffed too. The pattern is here and the website is Made by Marzipan.


#10. Whale Pattern, this is another cute and easy pattern. The pattern is here and the instructions are at Birth Fabric. I love it as a photo prop for an ocean themed pictures, make a pink one for a girl.


I hope you enjoy this blog list of FREE patterns. I would love to see your work so share in the comments or link your blog to me and I will share. I am also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Stay tuned for my next list of 10 free fleece PDFs.

There is 1 Affiliate Link in this blog post and I will make a small percentage of all sales.

Here is my Pinterest board of more Sewing Stuffed Animals patterns.

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  1. It is included and if you read through all the patterns in the list you would see I had to take the photo down because the magazine said but I left the link to the free and paid pattern. Because so many pinned that photo I can’t delete them all.

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