DIY Bunny Patterns for Easter (FREE)

I was looking for some Bunny patterns to make my little girl for Easter this year. I found a a couple free pattern. I love bunnies with huge floppy ears and that can be make with several piece of fabric but those a hard to find.

The first one that popped up on my pinterest feed was the Bunny Rag Doll by Stitched by Crystal. I really love the sweet face on her, I would make it in a bright color but I like flash dolls that are one of a kind. This Pattern is Free!!!


So as I searched for some cute bunny patterns paid and free, I couldn’t find many. The ones I did find the pinterest links were broken. But I did find this cute little carrot pattern for make for a bunny, I have had this pattern ready to use but forgot to make them last Easter. Here’s the link to Claire’s Craftroom with the measurements and instructions for the carrots. This pattern is FREE!!!


Now back to the bunny patterns, I found a cute little bunny bag treats. These would be great for a class gift, party favors, or Easter baskets. They look super easy to make like a tie bag with ears on this. The pattern is here and the blog post is at Sew Can She. This is another great scrap buster. Free Pattern.


I found these cute bunny bowling set, great for Easter day game or for a little who loves bunnies. The pattern is here and the instructions are included. You could probably minus the ears and make regular bowling pins. Free Pattern.


Okay after 2 days of searching and opening so many pins on Pinterest, I am at a lose. I can’t find any free or paid bunny patterns in English at were available. Must of the patterns I opened lead me to a broken link, its maddening that Pinterest doesn’t fix those. I know I delete all my broken pins or sold items but that just me.

I hope you all enjoy Easter and these bunny patterns.


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