Hot Button Topic – Remote Learning

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Have you ever had an opinion on something that is not popular?? Or that you know people will get mad/rude at you. I have an opinion right now but I know that many parents would disagree and try to force their ideas on me . I also know some people agree with me but do not want to voice it.

So what would you do? voice your opinion or keep quiet?

The topic of my opinion is remote learning and not sending the kiddos back to school yet. What is your thoughts on this topic? I know many parents want their kiddos back to school no matter what. This kind of thinking is what makes me mad/sad. I honestly believe that is a selfish idea from many angles. From my point of view there are too many factors to ensure anyone (yes, any ones) safety. This is even goes for my small town that seems to have a low covid-19 rate. I think that there is a good reason for that too, I will get into that later.

First and for-most are our kiddos health and mental health are top priority.

How many people do you think one kiddo could come in contact with in day? A lot right? At home it is a small number with just family. But in school they will come in contract with all the kids, teachers, aids, bus driver, and/or lunch worker. Let’s not mention my of these people are at higher risk for death. Then they go home and share germs with their family. After that the family goes out into the world, I mean this could go on forever.

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As we all know healthy is number for everyone and as a mom of 3 kiddos with health conditions, I am not willing to risk it. Let’s not forget my health (which is not that great these days) and my mom who is older and has failing health but we are all each other has (so no I can’t just not see her). Personally for my middle son, who has Autism and PICA among other things I worry for his safety. He hates the mask (or anything touching his face), he loves to put everything in his mouth, he has Asthma, and needs a lot of one on one help at school (means close contact). For him going to school with all the guidelines would not be helpful for him. Therefore, remote learning is the only other way. As for my daughter, if he doesn’t go she shouldn’t either. I am more worried about her mental health right now.

I do have any more opinions about the whole situation but I don’t want to unload it all here. If you want me to I will make another post that is more detailed. But more more than anything I want to know your thoughts.


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