Reusable Shopping Bag Pattern Review

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Reusable Shopping/Grocery Bag pattern review

So I recently saw a blog post about this Reusable Fabric Shopping bags and loved the look. I was sold right away and bought the pattern and another pattern to boot, great marketing. The pattern was from Michelle Patterns on Esty, the bag I will be sewing is here. I also got the panty liner pattern, I have been dying to make these and loved the look of these.

The number one selling point for these were the big straps, I hate that most of my bags break (the ones from the stores, which I have noticed are plastic too). I am on a path to using less plastic and shopping bags are the easiest to change right now. Plastic bags are also killing animals at a large rate because they do not biodegrade and can end up in the ocean. Yes I have always been environmentally aware but I feel at this point I need to do better and raise my kids to do better too (they are the future). Small changes can have a big impact in the long run.

Okay back to the pattern, the post I saw had done them in the coolest newpapers fabric too. I love to be different ways to express myself and fabric is a great way to do that. I love fabric with writing on it (these are all from Jo-ann Fabric) because is stands for something like my Crazy Cat lady print. The first four are mine and the last three are for my mom (i.e Grandma fabric and her favorite bird, cardinals). She requested the strap be a bit longer, so it was easier for her to carry (more info below). The thick straps are one of the reasons I love these bags, they are sturdy for sure. PS the first one is my favorite with the cats in sun glasses, they crack me up.


My review of this this pattern is I love them, I made the first two in this photo months ago and use them all the time. I really hated not be able to finish the other 5 until now but life got in the way. Other reason I love these is because they hold a lot of the stuff and have filled them up with no problem. I also love I can fold them up and put them in my purse so I always have at least one. These bags are so reinforced from all the double seams and the two layers, so I can’t see how they would break even with lots of use. As I stated before I have used the first two since February and I shop all the time, no rips or anything.

Bonus there are three different sizes for different needs. I want to make some smalls one for goodie bags for my daughter friends. The ones in these photos are the large size which are probably the best grocery shopping. You know what would be cute the small bag for a little shopping bag for pretend store for a little kid. Now I wish my little ones were small again they loved to play store.

Here is how I made the straps longer for my mom by just adding a couple inches above the fold. It was super easy and she loved it. Just follow the directions as normal. I personally liked the straps the regular way because it is much like a plastic bag.


Another tip I used plain fabric fabric on the inside and on the underneath the straps to save money. The large bag does take a bit of fabric (about a yard just for the bag part), especially if you are using novelty fabric. For most of them I used muslin because it was super cheap and I really like muslin, I use it all the time for linings and dolls. Last tip, directional fabric (like my chickens above) don’t work so well on the strap because they are up side down on one side.

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