Francie Too Flashy Patchwork Fox Pattern Review

Francie Too Flashy Patchwork Fox Pattern Review

Made from a http://www.AngelLeaDesigns. com pattern!!

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After finding this pattern over a year ago, I finally decided to buy this super cute Patchwork Fox (aff link) to make him the right way. Funny story is, I did download the Too Flashy Fox pattern piece for free but I wasn’t able to figure the face pieces out. I know I make stuffed animals and dolls all the time but this patchwork fox puzzled me to no end. I did end up trashing it and not thinking about for a while. With that said, I bought the pattern to get the directions because I love the look of this guy and all the scrap that can be used.

I started this the other day and it took a bit to find all the right scraps to fit the pieces and the right look. I didn’t want the pieces to not clash to much but it is a patchwork pattern so it needed to be a bit scrappy. Yes, is a hard balance to make everything match but not too matchy at the same time. There are many pieces of this pattern and this was probably why I wasn’t able to figure it out before.





So here is what I cut out after 2 days of on and off cutting. My mom said oh you could sell these as cheap, they don’t use a lot of fabric, I said what!! It has taken me that long just to cut out pieces and then I need to sew it together LOL. We will see but cheap is not happening. After finishing it is a lot of work and definitely can not be sold cheap.

Flashy Fox patchwork pattern review

Please note to keep your pattern pieces with your what you cut out, I didn’t so I had to search for each piece. The words are important on the piece to help you understand the directions. One thing I was not to happy with was the direction use the color of the fabrics that she used. Since I used different color fabrics it was a bit confusing at first. I also had to re-cut one of the back legs because it was not facing the right way.

Flashy patchwork Fox pattern review

With that said, I do love that you can make it any color you want with all your scraps. My ears are different and even different on the back. I did stuff them a bit, the direction look like battling is used but I was out of batting. The stuffing was fine and only needed a little bit to puff them up.

Flashy patchwork Fox pattern review

Watch out for your pins, I bend a needle sewing the face. It is such a small space and all curve don’t stay put, so I tried to sew over the needles. LOL See the photo below, it was really bend too.

Yes I had to rip a couple stitches out because I messed up, I am hoping the next one is much easier.

Flashy patchwork Fox pattern review

Here is the face before I stuffed it. He is super cute and worth all the trouble. You have to sew and attach the eye before stuffing too that was a first for me.




This little guy (he is about 11 inches) took a lot more stuffing than I thought, he looks small but the stuffing needs to be tight for support. I didn’t add weight to the bottom like the pattern suggested but he seems to be sitting fine without it.

He is super cute outside in the grass, as you can see in my photos. These are just in my front yard too, I don’t have a big yard either. Yes, he nose is a bit off but I think it gives him personality, now for a name!!! Francie is the name on the pattern but I wanted a different name.

So bottom line is he can be made with lots of patience. I have been looking for others who have made this pattern for a year but only saw one. Did you make one? share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Flashy Patchwork Fox pattern Review

Flashy Patchwork Fox pattern Review

Flashy Patchwork Fox pattern Review

Here is the second one I made, note sure sure your legs are right because I keep cutting out one side and having to recut after. I have like 3 spare legs all for the same side, lol




12 thoughts on “Francie Too Flashy Patchwork Fox Pattern Review

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  2. That’s brilliant! Really cute. You’ve done a fab job
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  3. I hope you will respond. Sometimes I post in the feeds and do not get a response. I found the free instruction for this patter on Homespun; however my front legs were up by his cheek and the top of the head wasn’t sewn and some other places. Can you tell me if the Homespun directions are the same as the purchased pattern and instructions?

    • The piece are the same (from what I saw) but Homespun doesn’t have directions on how to put it together that is why I had to buy it. I had a real hard time putting it together with just the pieces. The paid pattern has much better directions and pictures. Hope that helps!

  4. Alicia – I infer that you found the ‘free’ pattern pieces on the website of Australian Homespun magazine. This magazine publishes 10 projects in each monthly issue and includes a printed pattern sheet in it. However, the magazine is also available digitally on Zinio, and the ‘free’ patterns on the website are how readers who buy the digital version of the magazine access the patterns they need. It was never intended that anyone would be able to make this project without access to the published instructions. Had you purchased a digital copy of the magazine when you first wanted to make the fox, it would have only cost you $2 or $3. So, not ‘free’ – but not very expensive either. The designer is able to publish their own version of the pattern several months after the magazine is published.
    This fox project has been extraordinarily popular with readers of Australian Homespun magazine, and dozens and dozens of photographs of finished foxes can be found all across the internet. Some of the techniques used to make it are quite unusual – which is probably why you didn’t enjoy success until you sourced a copy of the instructions – but even so, people who have never made a softie before have enjoyed success.
    Your foxes look fabulous. I’m pleased that you were quick to educate your son that this was not a cheap project! LOL

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