Top 10 Sweet Bunny Fabric to buy!

Easter is coming as we all know and Easter Dresses are what every little girl wants. I love to make my daughter her Easter every year, although she does not like Bunny fabric but I can still look right? As many of you all know I am obsessed with fabric and I have a certain taste, which I hope you like. I really love playful or whimsical fabrics, with words on them sometimes. I wish my daughter was younger and really didn’t have an opinion on what she wears, and yes its a big opinion. So in the mean time I will do my search and see what I can find for an Easter themed doll or one of my new Bunny I will be making last this year. Any of these fabric would also work for a little girls nursery with bunnies or woodland theme. In the end I only posted one that is real Easter fabric, most is bunny and woodland themed.

top 10 bunny fabrics to buy

There are some Affiliate Links in this post, which means I did get a small percentage of each sale. This doesn’t affect your price at all, so happy shopping. I also linked both the name and the picture of each of my picks.

Funny enough as I was searching I found that Bunny fabric is not that easy to find, especially not to wild or ugly. Sorry but some I saw was horrible looking like for the 70s.

1. Furry Tales Minty from the Littlest Collection by Art Gallery Fabrics sold by Oye Baby Fabrics. This one is sold from 1/4 of a yard at $2.50 to a yard for $9.95. Of course, I love this one because it is super cute and has words on it. This would also make a cute baby bed set; I also saw a couple others with different background colors.

top 10 Easter bunny fabric

2.Bunny Tales from Studio e-bunny scene sold by Brew Stitched. This one is listed by 1/2 yard for $5.50. This one is definitely whimsical with all the bunnies playing and working.

top 10 easter bunny fabric

3. Bunny Garden, Lewis & Irene sold by Anna Daisy Fabrics. This fabric is sold by the 1/4 yard for $3.00 and up to 13 yards for $136.50. The chicks are super cute in this with the bunnies. Also the bunnies with the butterflies on their nose, super for a dress.

top 10 easter bunny fabric

4. Pink Bunny Quilt Fabric. Rabbit, Easter. Timeless Treasures Flora & Fawn sold by Anna Daisy Fabrics (again). This one is cute, looks like a little girl draw it. These bunnies are the same prices as above starting a $3.00 a 1/4 yard.

top 10 easter bunny fabric

5. Riley Blake Designs Wonderland 2 by Melissa Mortenson sold by Brew Sticthed (again). This one is $3.15 for 1/4 yard or $5.70 for 1/2 yard. I mean look bunnies in top hats, enough said. Here is a similar one with a pink background from a other seller.

top 10 easter bunny fabrics

6. Rabbits + Triangles on Peach by designer taraput sold by Spoonflower (one of my favorite fabric shops on Etsy). This fabric reminds me of the velveteen rabbit from my childhood. This is sold in all kinds of fabric from cotton to knit starting at $10.50.

top 10 easter bunny fabrics

7. Greta Lynn’s Bunny Hop features playful bunnies sold by Giddy for Fabric (love the name). This one is a little different from the other, it is blue but still girl enough for a dress. I would love this for a doll apron. It cost $3.00 a 1/2 yard, not too bad.


8. Sweet & Adorable fox and Rabbit fabric sold by  Spindle and Rose. Okay this one has more than just bunnies in it but foxes are very popular these days. With that said this fabric is great in color and design. There are other colors but they are not as pretty as this one. It sells for $5.11 a 1/2 yard but can be order as more.


9. “Guess How Much I Love You?” fabrics sold by Stash Traders. So who hasn’t read this book to their kids, I remember reading to my oldest (almost 18) years ago. Beside that the fabric is such a pretty blue. It sells for $11.99 a yard.


10. Easter Basket fabric with bunnies, chicks, and eggs sold by What Came Second. This is the only one at is super Eastery but still had to be shared. This is definitely super sweet and would make a great board on a dress. It is sold for $5.98 a 1/2 yard.


I hope you enjoyed my list and if you have any to share link them below and I will pin it to my board.


Here is my Pinterest with more Animal Print Fabric, updating weekly.


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