18 Inch Doll Free Sewing Patterns

With American Girl type dolls being extremely popular I thought I would gather up a few free sewing patterns that any girl would love. My daughter has a genetic 18 inch doll from Target and I was planning on making her some new clothes from Santa this year. Funny thing is I am scared to my these clothes even though I make rag dolls as small as 13 inch, so I am not sure why I am intimidated by them. With that being said I am going to over come my fear and get to work with free patterns before buying any.

List of Free 18 inch sewing patterns for DIY, tutorials, and PDFs.

Side Note: as I was search for free patterns I notice MANY said free but weren’t or had no way to download them. I tried really hard to avoid that, so neither of us had to search for them again when we needed them.

Super Simple Jumper – this looks easy to make and to even add some extra pretties to it. To print Right click over the photo can save it, then print (make sure the squares print 1 inch by 1 inch so it will fit right).


Super Cute Undies – What doll doesn’t need undies or bikini bottoms. Click on the link to get the pattern to print it. More information is on this blog post.

Doll Cardigan – This one is from one of my favorite blogs for sewing, looks like it could be a little difficult but it is super cute none the less. I will try it with some scraps first.

Upcycled Skirts – This looks great and it’s upcycling (my favorite thing). The direction are on the blog post here and there are lot of photos to follow a long.

Chloe Cardi and Tee – This little jacket is cute, I would add a button to close it in the front. The pattern pieces are here. I didn’t see the tee part in the blog but no the less the Cardi is great for the dressier doll.

Simple Short – Super easy only 2 piece to cut and sew. Here is the pattern is self.

Fleece Basic Pants – I have made these before for non 18 inch dolls, they are easy. Here is the pattern download for these pants.  There is a bonus kids size pants too on the blog.

Bath robe – This is cute for bath time or spa time. My mom made my daughter are bath robe out of fleece it was super cute. It was almost the same as this one. Here is the blog.

Upcycled Leggings – I love these because my daughter LOVES leggings I have so many pairs. Ucycling old leggings it a great ideas to save money and waste less. The pattern is here.

Lacy Kimono – I love this for myself, LOL but it will look great on any doll too. There are no pieces just directions to cut squares but that is pretty much what a Kimono is.

Trendy Backpack – Yes this looks harder than the others but it is super cute and FREE. Here is the blog post with minimal directions.

Hat and Mitten set – Who doesn’t need hat and mittens here in New England, where the weather is always changing. Here is the blog post. These do look a difficult just because the mittens are so small but the direction are good.

Infinity Scarf – this pattern has it both for kids and doll size, there are lot of page in these direction so print accordingly.

Scarf and Ear warmers – I love this my daughter loves ear warmers because her hair is so big. I will be making a matching set for them for Christmas.  Here is the blog post.

Dress – Cute but not too simple, there are directions and to get the piece, again right click and save then print.

African Princess Dress – I love the photo I saw of this dress but there is no photo on these directions. I didn’t see a link to a blog either, so if you know where it is please share.

T-shirt Time (lol sorry jersey shore fan here) – This pattern is a simple t-shirt but the blog has more detail in the front. Here is the blog post for the directions.

One Shoulder Dress top – These is only the top part of a dress but the measurements for the skirt on stated in the top piece. Here is the blog post for this dress.

Mermaid Tale – Of course a mermaid tale is a must for any doll.  I have made several of the kids size tails with this pattern, one of my go to patterns right now (my mermaid tale pinterst board). You have to add it to your cart and buy it like normal but it will be free.

Doll purse – We all love Create Kid Couture and this is their purse pattern, it will download to your dropbox but you can download it directly to your computer too.

Pillow and Blanket – These are super cute and look easy enough to make. You will need to know how to sew bias tape to make the edges.

Here is my Pinterest Board where I will be adding more and more patterns, not all free but easy to follow.



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