How to make new Pinterest Board Covers

How to make new Pinterest Board Covers

I have been trying to get my Pinterest board covers just right for several weeks now and had no luck until yesterday. I have read several blog post about them but they were from last year or more, so the information was not as useful for the new updates. I am a big fan of all the boards looking the same but mine were looking unprofessional no matter what I did. I made some board covers last month with the dimension I keep reading about (217 x 147) but they kept moving. Yes I am annoyed by the smallest shift because it would cut the bottom of my words off. It was annoying to say the least. Even with that box that small, Pinterest was cutting off a lot of the bottom of box. Working with such a small box was hard and would become distorted when I was designing them. So after a couple weeks of looking at them and adjusting them, I was ready for a change.

Last night I found a blog that was fairly new and said that Pinterest board cover have changed, they are much smaller. They also stretch the width, which I am sure we all noticed with blurry covers all the time. The measurements on that blog were much bigger (800 x 800) for 2 reasons; first mobile covers are much bigger and the photo didn’t stretch as much. Unfortunately those measurement still made my photo blurry, not too much but enough to annoying me. With that said I adjusted it until my words were clear.

After a couple tries I ended with 750 x 800. I only using the top part of the graphic because that is the part the board cover Pinterest uses and add a note to the bottom for mobile users. UPDATE (12-5-16) with the new Pinterest look the WHOLE graphic shows on profile now. There is also a 25 pixel boarder all around that space too, so you can see how it get smaller and smaller. So this means your information needs to be on the top half with nothing around the edges of the graphic. Here is what I did for my covers.

How to make new Pinterest board covers graphics

To make them all the same I only edited the words (make sure to not move anything once you start saving) and re-saved it over and over again. Yes I had 65 boards to make covers for, so it took me 2 hours to make them all and upload them all to Pinterest and make them my cover. You all know how to change that right??? The look is more professional (or at the very least more organized) now, I did match them to my other 2 social account headers. I used Canva once I found out I could use my own design measurements (click on use custom dimensions words). When I saved it I saved it as a PNG file and not a JPG file because it was blurry a bit. I am not sure what or if there is a difference but visually there was. Stop by and see my profile, I wanted to share a picture of it but I don’t know how to get a screen shot on my laptop.

I hope this information is Helpful and if it didn’t work for you let me so I can help. I have been learning as I go to become better blogger, if you have any tips to share feel free to.


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