Top 8 Halloween DIY Projects

Halloween is right around the corner again and for the first time in many years I feel unprepared. Anyone else feel like Halloween was further away?? not 3 weeks. I love to save money and make things my self, so I have been searching Pinterest for ideas. Here are my top 8 for this year (2016).

top 8 Halloween DIY projects for Cheap

1. DIY Witched Brooms – I love brooms but for the money they never last or they are way too small. I love this project because it is using natural resources that can be found in your yard, well maybe not mine but I will go to the woods to get the branches. I don’t really know where to get grass that tall but I will keep an eye out in town. More than anything I love the natural crooked look of the brooms, like a witch made in the 1500’s.

2. Adding Glitter to Pumpkins, real or fake. I have an ugly black fake pumpkin (its been around the house for 6 years or more) I added glitter to it, and its great now. So to add glitter to almost anything I mixed water and glue to water it done then painted it on where I wanted the glitter. I dumped glitter on it, over a huge sheet of paper so I didn’t waste all the glitter that fell off. I used regular glitter (not fine) and sequins and stars because I like the different texture and how it hits the light. I don’t suggest leaving it out in heavy rain, we got some rain and there is glitter on the ground (probably just the extra) but I don’t want to wreck it.

adding glitter to a pumpkin for halloween

3. Floating Candles – Harry Potter Great Hall inspired candle, yes I am a HUGE fan. Even better they are made from paper towel rolls, paint, fishing line and hot glue, all stuff most houses have. Only thing that you will need to buy is the flame-less tarts, which I believe are at the dollar store in a multi pack. The blog that the pin is pinned didn’t show anything more than the photos, so it more an infographic than instructions. But they look pretty easy but time consuming. I would love to do this on my porch Halloween night.

4. Window Silhouettes – I have wanting to do these for a couple years now, but never had the right windows to do it. I love the simple look of them and they wont scare any little kids. Many time decoration are too scare for my kids, so I have think hard about what to use that is family friendly. These are easy and only use black poster board what can be cheap in the right store.

5. Cardboard Tombstones – I love this DIY tombstones but they wouldn’t work in a rainy area. This it just like making a pinata, with cardboard, tape, newspaper, and paint. I like that they can be a big as you want to make them. I know here the big tombstones are expensive and the Styrofoam brakes pretty easy when stacked into the ground. I am sure there is a way to seal it so its a weather proof, in New England the weather is always changing. My kids would probably love make them by their selves, good for sensory play.

6. DIY tutu – I had to share this one, it is extremely popular for anyone with a little girl. I have made several of these my self. What little girl would love she own tutu, and they are easy to make without sewing anything. I was thinking about making one for ME this year for Trick or Treating, I never dress up but I have always wanted a Tutu. They are pretty easy to adapt to any size by making the waist bigger and tutu loops longer.

7. DIY Spider Web Wreath – This is cool and again it’s made with sticks and yarn, I would like to make it bigger for the porch. It seems pretty simple (like something I made in Girl Scout camp years ago). I would also use fizzy white yarn to make it more spider web looking (plus I have some already here). I guess it time to go in the woods for some branches to make this and 2 other projects, LOL.

8. Make your own Jars – These are super cool but I am not sure this one would be that cheap to make unless you have a lot of glass bottles hanging around. I have seen it done with other plastic bottle but they aren’t as real looking. I think the stickers are the best part, I know there are so labels similar to those at the dollar store. I would probably make mine more kids friendly and sparkly so they don’t get grossed out thinking its real.

Here is my Halloween Pinterest Board


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  1. These are all wonderful ways to decorate a pumpkin.

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again next Friday when we open our doors at 12 AM EST.

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