Fall Trends for the New School Year

I love to make clothes and outfits for my daughter (Nana, 6) but she is going into 1st grade and really doesn’t like baby looking clothes with a lot frills any more. So I have been moving toward more trendy clothes that mix and match without characters on them (like button up shirts and skirts). I have been watching trends for a year now and here is my top ideas or trends I see. Keep in mind I am not a Fashion Expert, I just love clothes and remaking them.

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1. Plaid – I have noticed Plaid is every where from shorts to scarves this year. My daughter has been asking for plaid shirts and wraps every time we go to the store (grandma did buy her a plaid shirt too the other day). I have 2 piece of plaid (a black and white, and a teal, pink, and black piece) to make her a wrap and skirt. She saw the wrap on Girl meets World show, she loves Maya’s style. But I think that 90’s plaid shirt around the waist trend may come back. I love plaid scarves, so I need to make one for both of us.

2. Layers – Layers are always a fall favorite with vest and sweaters. I love denim vest with lace on it but that is it’s own trend. Sweaters are another great trend, although my daughter is picky and won’t wear knitted sweater. She does have some fleece sweater with big collars that she will wear. But with the layers you need a great shirt to go under it and I love make button ups for my daughter, so they go under anything. I also buy cheap vest and add lace or buttons to them because they are so expensive to buy already made. Cardigans are great option for those who hate sweaters, I have to make one or 2 for my daughter this year.

3. Rompers – yes rompers on still big, even for adults, to bad my daughter hates them. I love them but she says they are too hard to wear and use the potty, so I need to find one that it easy on and off. I have made her about 5 and she rarely wears them, even though they are so cute. Here is the link to the 3 I love: Haven and Annie and Myra. Maybe once she can tie them self she will love them.

4. Short with Tights – My daughter loves shorts, once its too cold to wear them she will wear them with thick tights. This trend was around last years too, she has a few outfit with matching tights. This is a great trends to help summer clothes last into fall, to save money. I love tights from Target because they are the cutest and not so badly priced.

5. Skirts with Suspenders – Cute little school girls skirts (almost like a uniform) are in trend with suspenders (not so much the stretchy one but cloth ones). On my Pinterest board (linked below) has a lot of examples of these. I have 3 or four patterns to make these but I was waiting for Nana to get a little bigger because she has too many clothes as it is. I will be making one for the first day of school in 2 weeks.

6. Small lace details – Yes lace details are in, like on the bottom of shirts and leggings. There are also some photo on my Pinterest board too. Adding lace to simple shirts and tees are also a great trend, make everything look more expensive too. This is a great way to upcycling an outfit or item to make it look new again.

7. Bows on clothes – Pretty ties and bow are a newer trend on shirt or dress. I have a couple amazing patterns with a bow or tie in the back of the long shirt dress. I also love the tops with ties on the them in the front. Again there are photo of this on my Pinterest board.

8. Stripes mixed Floral prints – yes stripes like black and white mixed a pretty floral print are very much in trend. More in style is fall deep color floral prints like teal and mustard yellow.

9. Leggings – Sorry they are not going way. Almost legging it in style as long as it matches. I tend to buy black because it matches everything and look more like tights and not leggings. But with the said I truly love plaid leggings. I also layer them under shorts too, like the tights.

10. Capes, Ponchos, or Wraps – This goes along with the layers trend, yes capes, ponchos, and wraps are making a come back. Capes are a surprise to me, and have been dying to make a couple for Nana, since she is growing out of her Ponchos. I have been making ponchos for years, so this is a trend I love. I will be making my first wrap this week and will post later on how that went.

11. Knitted accessories – Cute boot cuffs, scarves, and hats are in but they need a certain look. I wish I could knit, yes my daughter is learning now and maybe she will be able to teach me some today. With that said clean knit items are in trend with great details, there are couple items in my Pinterest board that I am talking about.

12. Boots – Tall boots seem to be more in trend but really any boot is good for fall into winter. My daughter has 2 tall boots and one short high heal pair, she loves all of them. I am not talking about snow boots neither, these are leather boots.

Here is my Pinterest Board for Fall Fashion Trends


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