Part 1 sewing the minecraft quilt blocks

I started sewing the quilt blocks and good thing I did because for me each one takes about 2 hours. The 2 hours includes setting the blocks up from the baggies they were stored in, to sewing all of the together and ironing them flat. Once I get all the blocks sewed I will measure to make the boarders of the blocks and quilts because I know that sometimes its not prefect. Each little square is 2 and 1/2 inches by 2 and 1/2 inches and should be 2 by 2 after its sewed, that’s 1/2 inches seem allowance (a 1/4 inch on all sides). So each block should be 16 inches by 16 inches, but even a tiny bit off the boards might not line up, so I am waiting. Plus I don’t know what color I am using yet lol. Here are some photos from my work so far. Remember I am making a double sided quilt so there are 24 blocks, you will only need 12 for a regular twin quilt.

I had a great idea while sewing these blocks, they would make prefect pillows for a little guy to play and build with. I will make a few if I have time before christmas. Please note that you will need a lining of fabric behind the block so it looks good when you stuff it.

I stored all the blocks pieces in baggies, I remake the block (see photos) and sew each row (up and down).



Next I sewed all the rows together matching up corners.

IMAG3348 IMAG3349

Next I Iron the back down flat, steam seems to work the best for me.

IMAG3350     IMAG3351

I love the look after all is done, here all the blocks I made so far. They may not be prefect but it will be worth it and much cheaper. I can totally see why these quilts are $250 to $300 each, its a lot of time and fabric (although it is a great scrap buster).

IMAG3352 Diamond Ore

IMAG3347 Dirt

IMAG3346 Creeper

IMAG3345 Water

IMAG3344 Blue Creeper

IMAG3342 Enerman

IMAG3341 Skeleton

IMAG3338 Heart


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