Starting a minecraft Quilt

I am starting a minecraft quilt for my middle son for christmas, wow it is a lot of cutting so far. I so see why they cost about $300 on Esty. The one I am making is going to be double sided too, I was cutting and decided instead of spending more money I would just cut the rest of the fabric I had. I also changed it up so both sides will not be the same. I spend many hours on Pinterest looking for photos of quilts, I found one with the measurement and winged the rest. Here’s the link Minecraft-Quilt 16 inch blocks. Right now I have each block set (24) in baggies until I sew them.

Here are the photos I used to cut out the pixels. I did do a few doubled like dirt, TNT, Lava and Water. I also made a different color ore, one green like the photo and one blue (diamonds) in the green spots. I made my own Heart pixel square (see below to copy the block). The water I just cut out 64 blue square like 8 different shade (8 of each). I also made a blue creeper using the green creeper pattern but instead of cutting green I did all different shades of blue. I made in enderman which is black and gray with purple eye. Same with the spider but red eyes.





Here is my link to my Minecraft Bedroom Board with other ideas. To make new blocks is 8 by 8, 2 and half squares.



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