Updated How to do Tutu, Toddlers and Infants Size Chart and Ideas- tulle, lace, fabric

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This is how I make my Daughter Tutu, except I use in electric for the waist band. I also cut my own piece from yards of tutu because it is cheaper that way, I usually cut them any where from 2 inches to 6 inches wide strips, remember they dont have to be straight no one will see once all together. They can be cut to any length depending on your child’s size and needs. After deciding the length I double it and add 2 inches for the loop so it won’t be too short. When looping them on I didn’t use the exact middle of the tutu piece, so it would have longer and shorter look (like in the photo below). Keep looping them round until you can’t see the elastic anymore when on. Update 3-10-16




Lace Tutu done the same way, cutting strips and looping them on…

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Adding Lace to a pair of Jeans

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