From Scraps to Bows

One of my most popular items at craft fairs are my hair clips and headband bows. I love making each bow different, I let the fabric lead the size of each one. I thought I would show you all how I do it. Mine are super easy and a great scrap buster or simply to make matching outfits and bows.

There many be an affiliate link in this blog post which means I may make a few pennies when to click through a click.

From Scraps to Bows

First I go through my scraps and this time they were so bad I had to iron them all out. I try to pick the pieces that are already close to a square or rectangle. The more square the block is the more wide the bow parts will be. A nice rectangle will make a good bow and a long rectangle will make a small bow part. Make sense?!?!?! I will collect around 50 pieces, yes I do them in bunches. I love to buy scrap bags of fabric and lots have fabric in squares already.

Next I sew all the side, which is a long process with 50 bows. I sew all the sides because it saves time in the long run and looks nicer. After sewing them all, I cut a slit in the back of the bow. This slit need to the long way so it is hidden in the bows ruffles in the back. Then you will turn them out. When I turn mine I make sure the tips are out as far as they can go.

Next you will make the bow part, which I have an certain way to do it. So I thread my needle like I am sewing and wrap the thread around and put the needle through the layers. Then I pull it tight and make sure it is in the middle and the bow looks. To secure it I wrap the thread around the bow again and loop it through the original piece of thread. I make a couple knots like you are ending a stitch. I only do it this way because I can make the sure looked good before securing it.

Next I find another piece of scrap fabric that is wide enough to fold the sides over them selves. This part can be as small or as wide as you want it, and again I just let the fabric lead me. But for the most part the longer and bigger bows need a wide middle piece and a thin piece for smaller bows.

Here are some of the ones I have done right now and you can see all the sizes and fabric types.

After this I will hot glue them to a clip or hand band depending on the bow size. The bow below is a huge triple bow on a headband to match my daughters dress (2015). Also note that I but the middle loop around the clip or headband to secure it better.

Analina Rag Dolls Sugar Plum Dress

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