Beginners Sewing Check list.

Do you want to learn to sew or start sewing again? Well if so, you are in luck, I have a check list of what you need to start a project. Sewing may seem like it’s too hard for you but really if you go slow and practice enough you will be great. I am a self taught seamstress with a side of genetics from my mom and her mother’s family generation back. I was one of those girls who said they would never sew because only old lady’s sew, but here we are and I love to sew. I only really started enjoying sewing after my daughter was born, having a little girl to make dresses for is a one of a kind experience. Now I am in the process of teaching her to sew so she will be able to make her own clothes in the future, so loves fashion. Sewing is a lost skill that I think we should bring back.

Beginners Sewing Check List

There will be some affiliate links in this blog post, which means I get a small percentage of the sale. This doesn’t affect your price but it does help me buy more fabric LOL.

Okay, so back to what you need to start sewing. I would say to start off with a beginners level pattern, maybe even a pillow case or bag. If this is your every first time sewing I would say stay to as straight lines as possible to get use the machine (like pillowcase). With that said, I am going create list of what you should have to start:

  • ¬†First a positive attitude (you can do this), you can share it with me on Twitter by tagging me in your project photos.
  • A pattern – there are a few types from tissue, to printable, to some with only measurements. If you don’t want to invest in a pattern there are so many free ones on Pinterest just search what is you want to make with “free sewing pattern”
  • Sewing Machine – for a beginner you don’t need an expensive machine, the truth is one may confuse more. So a basic full size machine, yes not a kiddie one (they are too small). Here are a couple nice ones – The Singer Simple Sewing Machine with automatic thread (yes I love mine, so much easier) and Brothers Project Runway Electric Sewing Machine with automatic thread. I would recommend either a Singer or Brothers machine, there are hundreds of other kinds but these are the most widely used among sewing communities. Make sure you have needles for the machine and a bobbin, most machines come with them but double check.
  • Fabric Scissor – yes regular scissor just will not cut it (LOL), to cut fabric nicely the scissors need to be sharp. I have 4 pair of these for 2 reasons, I love them and I am always misplacing them, Fiskars 5 in 1 Scissors. They don’t say fabric scissors on the package but I bought them at Walmart in the sewing area (same price as here). I like I can sharpen them and tighten them back up, lots of time the scissor get loosing from cutting thinker fabric like fleece.
  • Pins – I still use pins, some people use wonder clips but I am not ready to change. I use longer quilter pins but any pins will do. You may also need a hand sewing needle in case you need to sew a button on or fix a mistake. Those are super cheap for a pack at Walmart.
  • Thread for you machine – I would say match your fabric so your mistakes (yes you will have some) will not be so easily seen.
  • Fabric – what ever your pattern requires (shopping at the fabric store can be over whelming so take your time to find what you want). Match your thread to your fabric while you are there.
  • Tape measure – maybe those are only a $1 or so.
  • Cutting mat and rotary cutter – this depends on what kind of pattern you are using, for a tissue pattern you won’t need this but for a pdf or measurement only pattern you will. These are use to cut large straight lines like the bottom of a dress or a pillow case. I have a set that I have had for many years and I use it all the time. Here is a nice starting set with all 3 pieces you will need. These use to be only for quilters but with the growing popularity of PDF patterns these are must here now.
  • Seam ripper – yes you will need to rip some seams along the way and a seam ripper makes it some much easier.
  • Iron – this is not only to iron the fabric before starting but many times patterns require it while sewing to set seams. I have a Shark and love it but I am sure you have one at home already as most people do for laundry. Of course and ironing board with that or a towel on a table.
  • Notions – whatever notions like buttons, elastic, or zippers your pattern requires. If you are using elastic you will need something to get the elastic though the fabric like a safety pin or a puller.
  • For PDF users you will need a print, paper scissor (don’t use the fabric scissors), tape, and computer. I am sure you all have a computer and printer and probably scissors but you will need tape to make your pattern after printing it. Any printer is fine, I have a super cheap one right now and have had no problems. It is is on Amazon for $80 but I only paid $35 at Staples for it.

I think that is enough to get you started I am sure as you learn you will get more cool tools and gadgets. Personally I love the basic and hate to buy things I can do without a gadget. I have more of them listed in my Pinterest board below. If you have any question I would love to help, comment below and I will answer within 24 hours.

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