Top Mermaid Rag Dolls Sewing Patterns

We all know that Mermaids are trending now and every little girl wants a doll of their own. I made one last year for my daughter and I am hoping to make more for her this year. That is one of the benefits of having a mommy that can sew and a bonus is they can mostly be done with scraps. Down side is most of the cute ones you have to pay for, you all know I love free PDFs but they are not free all the time. These are some of the ones I found, I will include the links and price.

Some of these links are Affiliated link that means I get a some percentage of all sales.

mermaid rag doll patterns

Baby Mermaid doll by Bit of Whimsy Dolls for $10. This doll is in the photo above, top left. This is a 12 inch mermaid that is baby friendly, and can be for either boys or girls depending on your fabric choice.

This Felt Mermaid pattern is not in English but the pieces are there and should be able to be printed right off the page. I am sure that this can be easily figured out or made bigger or smaller. Here is the link to the pattern from Boni Frati.

This Pattern is also by Bit of Whimsy Dolls but it is the photo in the bottom right corner. This one has more details and is also $10, it is 16 inches and more girly too.

This pattern is only $6 by One Star Away, it is 13 inches tall. This is the photo in the top right with the jelly fish which is included with the patter. I love that little jelly fish.

The little Strawberry has one for $8, that is 15 inches tall. Not in the photo but it is super cute and a must see. I love the long braid she has and the flowers.

This pattern is a learning mermaid doll but I am guessing it can be made without that. She is a pretty mermaid as seen in the bottom left photo. This doll is by Ruby Jean Closet and this doll is 22 inches and $9.75.

Dolls and Daydreams has a 17 inch doll for $10. This doll looks a lot like Ariel in the photo which as we all know is the most famous mermaid of them all.

The Miners Wife has a pattern with 2 different tail options (16 inches and 12.5 inches), this pattern is $7.83. According to the pattern it is easy enough for a beginners .

I will keep adding more to my Pinterest Board

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