Top 10 Tips for Any Blogger

I know many people thinking it’s hard to blog and make money but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. I have been blogging for a few years on and off and for the most part I didn’t make it my number one, so I didn’t get far. I recently add WordAds to my blog, I don’t make a lot but 99% of my money comes from one post 3 years ago. If I knew I could make money I would have add Wordads a long time ago. Needless to say I am focusing on my Analina Rag Dolls business and my blog that goes with it.


So here are my top 10 tips for any blogger:

1. Pick a unique name and area of interest (i.e. your niche) to blog about. I will say picking a name can take a while because it has to say something about you and your blog. The name Analina Rag Dolls came from my daughter’s middle name (from her father’s great grandma) and I love to make rag dolls.

2. Start as soon as possible – This is what I tell everyone who is wants to blog but doesn’t know where to start. First you need to pick a platform and just start. I have seen that you need a certain amount of time or views to start getting paid to blog. So the sooner you start a blog the sooner you can make money. I know Blogger you have to been active for 6 months or more to add ads and you need thousands of views to be approved. Unfortunately, I was unaware of this so I only recently started getting paid and missed out of 2 years of ads.

Remember that all bloggers start from nothing, you can delete older post or even delete the whole blog and start over with the same domain. Also you can grow with your blog and change it as you learn. I have changed my blog 3 times so far, as my brand has grown and become more refined.

3. About page – you need a strong about page, with information about you and your blog and what makes you different from everyone else. My about page is like a mini bio about Analina Rag Dolls and a little about me because I share a lot of personal information on my blog post itself.

4. You need social media accounts to share your blog. In my opinion Pinterest is the best place to share a blog, I get 98% of my traffic from 1 pin on Pinterest. I also use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share my blog and daily photos.

5. Create a logo and/or photo and use them throughout all social media and on your blog. Your logo can be either be words or your photo, most pros say you need a professional photo but I only have a selfie on my Twitter. I have found the Twitter accounts do better with a photo profile and Facebook a word logo. No worries you can changed it as needed and update it as your grow and finds what works for you best. By the way I use Picmoney (free) for make my logo.

6. Comment or reply to all comments in the beginning, once you get big enough you can comment on a select few. I still comment or reply to all my comments even after 3 years but they are so far and few between.

7. Interact with others with similar interests, that includes blogs and social media accounts. It will drive some traffic to your blog or social media account, which should be linked to your blog also.

8. Join some Blogging groups to get some tips and tricks and also to share your blog. I am only in a couple blogging groups but I am in a lot of sewing groups, which is my special interest. I also post in Free ads or traffic groups on Facebook to get more traffic.

9. Make sure to use Hashtag in all your post, it will help you reach other people with similar interest. Hashtag are best placed at the end of a twitter and up to 3 get the most views. For me I try and use different hashtag even for the same post. Hashtags are also great on Instagram. Facebook, I use 1 per post but I haven’t seen it help like on twitter.

10. Remember every little bit of traffic adds up and will drive more people to your blog. It also takes time to build up a good blog, this is why many site won’t buy for blogging until get get to a certain point. As I stated above you just need to start and share and watch you blog grow.


Be you, be honest and speak from the heart.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips for Any Blogger

  1. Be honest, and speak from the heart is the BEST advice ever! Thanks for linking up with Lets Get Real.

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