DIY Easter Trees for Cheap or even Free

Since I have moved and really don’t have any Easter Decorations, so I made an Easter Tree. I do the same thing for Halloween but black. This house has a HUGE tree in the back so I was able to find branches in my yard but I am sure with all the storms you can find some easily. I trimmed the bigger one into small branches, I also needed to 2 more than in the photo to fill my pots. That was 4 in each pot.


After cutting to the right size I needed, I spray painted them with some left over and old (4 years old) spray paint. It really doesn’t matter the kind or quality, I just wanted a bit of color, I did them all different. I did make 2 Silver because the sparklier the better, RIGHT? These were paints I had left for painting my kitchen chair, yes each one is a different color too. I only needed a little paint, one can was almost empty and I still had some left but I double coated it so I could trash the can, finally.


Next I let them dry of about a half in hour, it was windy so they dried fast. I did do a second coat on the yellow and pink because they were a bit liight. But like I said before it doesn’t have to be prefect.


I decorated them with Eggs, of course, now the reason it was so cheap for me was because I had all this already (except one thing). The big bag of eggs only used half, my mom had gotten them for me last year 90% off, I have an egg collection LOL. I have a big egg hunt for my 2 (yes only 2 little one) because my Autistic son couldn’t handle a public one, so I do it for him every year. I have a tote full of eggs I have been collecting (so there’s more every year). The small eggs were from the dollar store (24 or a $1), I love these better they are cuter and fit the smaller branches nicer. All the ribbon is just scraps I have had in a box but it is only 50 cent to a $1 for a roll of ribbon, i didn’t use that much either. You could put more on but the wind was too much for me by that time. The pretty spotted eggs were in my tote, I have no clue where they came from but they are my favorite.

I put 4 branches in each of my pots, each branch a different color. They could all be the same but I love color and being different. Each has a silver one in it to give it some shine.


To tie all the eggs up, I used a huge needle and quilters thread because that what I had but any thicker thread or fishing line would work. I was happy to see holes in these eggs, I remember them not having holes and having to do it by hand or close the tie in the egg. This was much better even the little one’s helped. With the Ribbon I made some bows and hot glued them on (super easy) and other pieces I just tied on for movement and color.


Here’s a quick Video of one of the trees, it’s windy and the kids are screaming but you can see the details. I was trying to get photos but its too windy. I am going to but grass in it Easter eve because it will blow away. The kids are going to plant jelly beans this year so it will magically get decorated more with candy and such (photo at the end).


This is again all from the dollar store, why pay a lot when its just going to used it up or wrecked. I love the egg chalk though, It will be great because they look like eggs.


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