Help Sewing McCall’s 8551 13 Inch Rag Doll Feet

I use the McCall’s tissue pattern number 8551 (Affiliated link) to make some of my rag dolls and this how I make the feet. The tiny feet on the 13 inch doll can be hard but I have found a way to do quickly, my mom showed this a while ago but I finally got it. I would suggest using the same color thread as the feet, so when you turn them you wouldn’t see the thread if its not prefect. I only used purple so you could see it. There legs go to my Jordan doll, who is on sale for $35 on Etsy.

First cut out your pattern


Next put the feet wrong sides together to sew. I sew a little bit on the front top, as seen in the photo.


Next I open the foot and sew it to the bottom of the leg, match the corners first and then lay the center part down flat to sew. See the photo.


Sew along the straight over the fold, it will work out after.


Now you are going to clip right under where you sewed. See photo.


Next sew the whole foot and leg, line up the seams at the back, so it will look clean. Make sure to line up the stitches you already made and finish around the foot and up the leg.



Now clip around the curves to make it look nice when you stuff it.


Now you can turn the leg right side out.


I do the same thing for the 20 inch doll too, but it’s easier because the size is bigger.

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