Okay I have decided that I will be selling all my items on Facebook only for a while. Sadly I am closing my Etsy shop because there are just too many people selling rag dolls on there. I know my dolls are one of a kind creations but they were getting lost in the mix. My mermaid tales are unique too but Etsy is not meeting my needs right now.

My New Shop is here (click the shop button on the top of the page >>>

I also moved my Mermaid Tales to their own page this month, The Cozy Mermaid Tale

You can also custom order anything by just messaging me on Facebook or Email me at

Here is the basic Pricing for All my Rag Dolls

Analina Rag Dolls handmade

Here is how to Build Your own Doll:

Ordering a handmade rag doll from analina rag dolls